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Okay, so you'll notice the time...yes, I haven't gone to bed yet. My area of Kanata is notorious for blackouts, and I was hit with one at about 1:30 this morning -- it lasted approximately two hours. Peggy Feltmate's going to hear from me soon.

Anyway, I'm on deadline today, and I'll be starting work later than usual. If anything is posted today, it will be coming in the late afternoon at the earliest. Apologies to the government workers. You know who you are.

There's a lot to discuss -- the undying rumours surrounding Vesa Toskala, the signing of Wade Redden (any day now...seriously!), Zdeno Chara (whatever), and the likelihood of Jeremy Roenick coming to Canada. (Anyone want a loudmouth that's so far gone in the concussion department that he talks to his mittens...anyone?)

I'll try and get to some of this afterward...or if news breaks.

Goodnight now. More later.

P.S. I googled "Kanata photos" and ended up coming across a bunch of Japanimation -- hence the photo.

6 responses to "Kanata: Home of the blackout"

  1. Roenick coming to Canada? You mean he will beat out Brent Hull and Tai Domi in taking over Don Cherry's job?

    Would you rather see Redden or Chara as a Leaf? That's the question.

    sorry I still did not figure out how to put my MSN link here in html.

    Yes, in Kanata we pay more taxes and get less services. This is how the new mega Ottawa works.



  2. We'll take JR here in Calgary.

    He will at least will score more that 15 goals, which is 13 more than the rest of our team.

    He is a great personality if you have ever been around him away from the spotlight.

    I had the chance to get hang with him, as one of my buddies was his hotel mate on the road when they were both in Phoenix.

    He was really kind and funny.

    Plus he is always good for the sports radio shows.



  3. Chara's going to be too rich for Toronto's blood. I don't see him going there, given the kind of cash he's asking for. If Redden goes anywhere, it would be out west to Edmonton where he'd be closer to home. Not down east.

    The Universal Cynic

  4. Nanabijou, I'm assumimg you're boys with Trevor Letowski?

    The Universal Cynic

  5. Yep,

    We grew up togehther and played hockey all our lives until he went to Sarnia.

    Still keep in contact


  6. Did you play for the Kings as well?

    The Universal Cynic