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No. 1: 'Canes fans think Ryan Smyth's removal of the silver dollar at the RBC Center's center ice yesterday afternoon was classless. I look at it more as a gut reaction to blatant uncreativity.

No. 2: Could you possibly get enough of the fans lingering behind after tonight's game? I couldn't. My personal favourite was the shot of the mother and young boy. Ah, the waste...the expense. No Billy, there won't be a Christmas this year.

No. 3: "Hey Erin, why did I hear some guys suddenly talking about that TiCat's cheerleading incident on Wednesday? I mean, the story previously appeared in The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Sun and the Hamilton Spectator. In fact, the story started appearing as early as Saturday, yet they didn't talk about it until Wednesday. Hmmm. Curious. I wonder where they might have seen it and why they refused to reference the source? And I also wonder how they think that the RBC Center's announcer sounds like Howard Finkel, just like you did. Wow, that's one hell of a coincidence."

Yes Cynics, it sure is.

P.S. Happy belated birthday to R.C. -- be sure to email for your complimentary dancing Boo-Boo.

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  1. Yikes, looks like you might have yourself a case of Eklunds! What the world coming to anyway.

    I will not wait for it to be belated...Happy 28th! And let us all know after tonight if candles do stick upright in filet mignon! Now I'm no regular pervert....but that is one hell of an innuendo!

    reality check




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  4. Schadenfreude is the word of the day here.

    I wish I could say the sight of unhappy 'Canes fans made my day, but it didn't. First of all, the Oilers are still down 3-2. They have to win three in a row against one of the best teams in the NHL with their backup goalie between the pipes. Secondly - the Oilers aren't my team, never will be. When Pisani scored the winner last night, I felt a trill of excitement down my spine, but that was all. In a vague way, I'd like them to win, but that's as far as it goes.

    In another way, it was heartwarming seeing the 'Canes fans remaining dejectedly in their seats, there. With their painted-up faces and everything. Poor little guys. At least a few of them seem to really like hockey. Should that be something we make fun of?

    Having said that though, I hope they end up crying a river after a repeat loss on home ice, Monday night...

    Go Oil.

    P.S., why are you wasting any time reading the Acid Bitch, anyway?



  5. I'm tired of 'Canes fans -- they irritate me to no end. They're freakishly defensive (you can't rib them at all), and worse still, now they think they're entitled.

    I spent a good portion of yesterday reading what they had to say. They thought it was in the bag. They assumed Edmonton was going to roll over. But they never admitted that the pressure was on them last night. And it was.

    We all know there are fans down there. I'm not going to show sympathy because they sat around for 20 minutes afterward in face paint, as some sort of proof that they care. Sympathy for what? Did Edmonton win last night? The last time I checked, the series was 3-2. The only thing they lost last night was the chance to see the Cup clinched at home in Game 5. Some of those fans looked like they wanted to break down. Probably due to the amount of coin they shelled out for their ticket.

    I have respect for the 'Canes -- they are a good team. This isn't about them. It's about their fans. If they win, and likely they will, whatever. A handful of people will care, and the rest will look at the Cup once, sneeze, and then go back to J.J. Redick's poetry slam.

    P.S. 'Canes fans flock to that AQ blog like a moth to a flame. Apparently a desire for the Oilers players to die draws a crowd.

    The Universal Cynic

  6. They're freakishly defensive (you can't rib them at all)

    You try having nothing but shit heaped on you for the better part of 10 years, being told (among other things) that you don't deserve hockey and are too stupid to understand the game, and see if you don't get defensive.

    Go Canes.

    The Acid Queen

  7. We aren't going to see the Canes hoist it now! They are a hurtin' and slowed down bunch. That logo that looks like a puck being flushed is doomed. I can picture Jason Smith handing the big mug to Roloson on Tuesday. The frustration of having come so close will eat at the Hurricanes so badly they will come unglued. I can't wait to witness the whines of Canes fans afterward. How stupid to plant a dollar in decline in the ice surface. Never mess with Hockey Gods!

    PS-Thanks for the Boo-Boo's! I busted a gut! I have a friend who looks just like Garrioch...and it's giving me some cruel thoughts. It's definitely one to save for a bit.

    reality check

  8. Check R.C. and his never-say-die attitude. Everyone loves the Boo Boos, dude. I just wish I knew who made them.

    Carolina fan -- damn, calm down. Who do you think has been plagued with a defensive attitude, long before you were ever thought of? Don't you think we haven't seen this before? Don't you think Canadian fans are accustomed to dealing with it every day? In Ottawa alone -- 9 years in the playoffs, most of them spent as a Cup contender. Zero Cups. Do you have any idea what happens in Canada when Ottawa plays Toronto? Do you have any idea how defensive some Leaf fans get when you reference '67?

    We've seen this all before. What I haven't seen is a team receive a Stanley Cup berth, only to have its fans being shouting from the rooftops that they're intelligent, non-rednecks. Alrighty then, we believe you. Take a sedative.

    P.S. We articulate here. Take that coarse language elsewhere, please.

    The Universal Cynic

  9. Oh come on AQ....if you want sympathy you'll have to wait till Tuesday night. Hurricane Alberta is coming back for another spin. What bugs most hockey fanatics is the fact that when the Canes suck, which they seem to do every other year, the building is half empty. Support it year round through good times and bad and things will change. Its how we do it in hockey country...just ask any masochistic Leafs fan. You talk about ten years of heaped shit - it ain't nothing. Only thing worse than being a Leafs fan to me would be to have to cheer for some squatland relocated expansion team out in some bewildernesss like Raleigh or Anaheim or Phoenix. Hockey should be played and enjoyed where a kid can walk out in the mid winter, find a sheet of ice and practice hitting the top corner for 5 hours without worrying if the ice will melt. If this league had a commisioner with an once of common sense your team wouldn't even exist. In another ten years it probably won't anyway.

    reality check

  10. Oh come on AQ....if you want sympathy you'll have to wait till Tuesday night.

    Who said I was asking for sympathy?

    And if hockey should only be played where it consistently freezes in the winter, then I guess we'd better tell the Canucks fans that their team's getting added to the "Needs Contractin'" list.

    Just sayin'

    The Acid Queen

  11. Defending your defensiveness is a cry for sympathy, and hey, you know what...you got it! I will feel sorry for you only until Tuesday when thoughts of your insignificance will fade with the Oilers raising the Cup! Enjoy!

    reality check

  12. Defending your defensiveness is a cry for sympathy

    Only in your delusions, chief.

    The Acid Queen

  13. I was with R.C. until he referenced the Oilers. The Hurricanes fans’ defensiveness has nothing to do with Edmonton.

    Assuming Carolina wins, a Cup will do nothing to change these attitudes. The questions regarding fan growth and intelligence will still be there, as well as those nasty Redneck claims. Cups don’t change any of that. If anything, it will be exacerbated by the increased attention to the team.

    Defensiveness is like blood in the water to the rest of the league. They’ll pounce on it faster than anything. There’s a reason why Ottawa fans became some of the most despised and mocked supporters within the league – the reason behind the defensive behaviour is irrelevant.

    You can either embrace the barbs, or prove people wrong. But becoming emotional won’t stop it. It only makes it worse. Child psychology, 101.

    The Universal Cynic

  14. Well Cynic, it was classless but IT WORKED!@!

    Also JUSTIN WILLIAMS, high stick in the face of Markov the day AFTER he probably ended the career of Koivu was much more classless.

    That is the view of the Moose anyway,


  15. Hey, Acid Queen banned me!

    Ha ha!



  16. What for?

    The Universal Cynic

  17. Okay, I saw it. I don't get it. How did you insult her? Because she disagreed with your agrument and offered no support, other than "scalpers are idiots"?

    You don't ban someone because you disagree with their argument, and make a claim of an alleged insult that didn't exist. Who's that thin-skinned? (Actually, check that -- a lot of these bloggers are.)

    Did you say something else in another post that she used as a reason? I'm not going back to reread that vitriol. It gives me a headache and it's beautful outside. No point in wasting the day.

    The Universal Cynic

  18. I don't think I said anything in another post. I mentioned the Rod Brind'Amour thing...?

    Never mind, this has nothing to do with your site. It IS a nice day.