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Alain Vigneault was seen boarding a flight from Ottawa to Vancouver tonight. Obviously Dave Nonis would like to have someone secured in the head coaching position before Saturday's Entry Draft, and Vigneault has been in the running for the Canucks' job for some time. Is this why he left for the West Coast so early? Stay tuned.

1 response to "Vigneault to Vancouver?"

  1. Vigneault is a quality coach. His second year behind the Habs bench, he finished 2nd in coach of the year voting. They missed the playoffs by one point and lost close to 400 man games to injury. He will make a fine addition to the Canucks strengths and they will again make the playoffs.

    I find it kinda weird though, that 3 coaches who weren't good enough to remain in Montreal are now behind benches of other teams. Other than Vigneault, there's Therrien in Pittsburgh and Claude Julien in Jersey. I bet next year Mario Tremblay winds up behind the Sens bench.

    reality check