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Here's a snippet from Terry Jones' piece that appeared in yesterday's Edmonton Sun:

They hold 40 Atlantic Coast Conference titles between them. In the past 36 years the Tar Heels, Blue Devils and Wolfpack have been to the NCAA Final Four no fewer than 23 times. North Carolina, under the winningest college basketball coach in history, Mike Smith, taking 13 titles, and Duke, under Mike Krzyzewski (or "Coach K" as he is known here), close behind with nine. Michael Jordan played for North Carolina.

Mike Smith? Who the bloody hell is Mike Smith? I think this is the guy Jones meant to reference.

As for the stellar Coach K synopsis -- just as the Carolina faithful don't want to be told that they lack hockey intelligence, I don't expect for a Canadian writer to assume that his readers are unfamiliar with Coach K and the school he's affiliated with (uh, that'd be Duke, for those keeping score at home). For the record, Krzyzewski is known as "Coach K" everywhere -- the man is so bloody mainstream, he's even appeared in an American Express commercial (which was aired in Canada ad nauseam, in addition to the annual NCAA tournament).

But before anyone feels the need to bleat and moan that it was a hockey piece, and not everyone knows about these frightfully obscure American college basketball coaches, let me also provide you with this and this.

Educate yourselves, my little puck-obsessed sponges.

P.S. I'm surprised that Jones forgot to inform us that Michael Jordan is black, as well.

1 response to "Don't show your ignorance"

  1. Thanks for the educational piece.

    I have such hockey blindness, in particular NHL and Olympic hockey blindness. Irony is of course basketball was invented in Canada!!!

    Ricky the Moose