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Here was the obvious foreshadowing from the RBC Center, as referenced by TUC in April, which labeled the Canes as the "2006 East Conference Champs". For the record, it's "Eastern", not "East". Bloody Mensas.

And here's your 2006 Stanley Cup Final: Op Art Spasm Logos versus Ralph Klein's Tar Sands and Heritage Fund from Tarrytown, NY.

Of course, you all saw this coming a mile away, didn't you?

P.S. Eric Staal may have bagged a Prince of Wales trophy tonight, but I had a Persian for breakfast. Trust me, he's jealous.

UPDATE: The RBC Center website has corrected their error, now listing the team as the champs of the Southeast division. Here's a question: Who really IS the champion of the Eastern conference? Ottawa won the regular season, but Carolina won the playoffs. And if Carolina loses in the finals, are both teams going to raise Eastern conference banners? Sounds like a question for Liam.

3 responses to "Insert various "Canes blow" references here"

  1. I'm wondering what the logo to the right is all about? I still say the Canes logo looks like a puck flushing down a toilet. Hurricanes remind me of marriages - they both start off with all kinds of blowing and in the end you lose your house. GO OILERS!


    reality check

  2. The Hurricanes earned it. Those bastards.

    This pains me, though. Most people down there don't know what hockey is, and their team is going to the final twice in four years. Why do these obscure hockey outposts get rewarded with incredible off-seasons (Anaheim, Tampa, Carolina)? Why are the hockey gods so cruel?

    When will my team make it? WHEN!

    I was amused in the post-game news conference when a Carolina reporter began to ask Justin Williams a question, but didn't know his name. The question was a stumper, too - "What does this win mean to the fans?"

    What a question. Oh, I'm sure the win meant a lot - they rolled out the red carpet and put that shiny old trophy on the end of it that everyone posed around - doesn't that mean they won? We're the champs! Right?



  3. They earned it with a major assist from the penalty call from hell - two minutes for shooting the puck over the glass. I realize it had to be called in accordance with the rule book and has been enforced all season. Next season, it definitely has to go! This is one call that should never have a hand in deciding any game, regular season or playoffs. It is absurd to even call it "Delay of Game" when the delay caused by having to penalize it holds up the match even longer. Credit to Carolina for taking advantage of it, even though I hate 'em also. Buffalo impressed me far more in the series with their tenacity in the face of adversity.

    Weight vs the Oilers is not as compelling to me as Peca vs the Sabres. Good thing there is at least one Canadian team in the final. It's as though the hockey Gods are trying to kiss Bettman's ass. The last three years it seems to be always some expansion team from hockeys Netherlands vs a small market Canadian team formerly at the edge of cash strapped inexistance. While Bettman surely smiles and pats himself on the back for this, the die hards long for something more akin to an original six team vs a West division perenial contender. I say Habs vs Avalanche next year, with a Theo twist just for fun.

    And no, my weed is too good and I'm not sharing!

    reality check