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If you'll remember, we were discussing the formula required for Ottawa to initiate a trade with Florida for Roberto Luongo. The Driver's suggestion was Martin Havlat, Anton Volchenkov and a first-round pick.

Well, according to Boo Boo today, we weren't far off. He says to swap out Volchenkov and include Chris Phillips instead.

If Havlat is looking for a one-year-deal (as reports indicate), it's obvious that he will be on the move. But to ask for Phillips would be too much, at least one would assume.

But maybe it wouldn't have been, if the Senators had drafted Marc Staal last year instead of Brian Lee in the first-round.

And that, Cynics, will be the subject of this week's upcoming column -- the error made by the Sens when they passed on Marc Staal at last year's draft. See, it's all coming full circle.

Staal is a big, stay-at-home defenceman with a) the ability to make the team (he's expected to make the Rangers this year) and b) possesses a name that now carries a lot of weight in this league.

Ottawa could've taken him at No. 9, but they passed and took Brian Lee instead. Lee is considered to be a carbon-copy of Redden and likely will require some culivation in the farm system before he arrives.

Could Staal do everything that Phillips did in the playoffs (be extremely effective, but unnoticeable)? Maybe not right away, but if the team was able to make that sacrifice to nail down Luongo, would it matter?

But we'll never know, because Ottawa doesn't have Marc Staal to turn to. And the really upsetting thing is, they could have, but chose not to. I knew they'd regret that decision. I just didn't realize it would begin so soon.

UPDATE: Luongo is off the market. The Canucks have shipped Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan Allen and Alexander Auld to the Panthers in exchange for Roberto Luongo and Lukas Krajicek.

6 responses to "Puzzle pieces...real and imagined"

  1. Phillips can't be sacrificed in light of the statuseses of Chara and Redden. Trading for Luongo should only be considered if Lupien can get the goalie to flip flop on his contract stance. If he is willing to come to Ottawa, deal in hand, then let the talks begin!

    I wouldn't touch the Havlat for Doan scenario. The desert dogs captain's lost a step, I think, and Havlat will only get better. With #9 I beleive we are speaking of a 45 goal scorer in a healthy year. Priorities for the Sens ought to be:

    1) Redden over Chara and examine blue line depth
    2) Forget the Dominajucator from hell and seek out a potential 1A or 1B goalie a la Gerber, Biron or Garon
    3) Quality forward depth with the accent on gritty veteran leadership - throw in Gary Roberts for example, in a Luongo package
    4) Pray like hell for health

    BTW: Has Boo Boo become the new Al Strachan? He is 0 for 57 in trade rumour prognosis. He has to upgrade his source from the roll of Cottonelle in the handicap stall.

    reality check

  2. Chara and Redden aren't going anywhere. The longer the silence is maintained from both camps, the more I'm convinced of that fact.

    Phillips would've been expendable under the scenario I presented -- if the Senators had drafted Staal instead of Brian Lee. I'm not saying I would want to lose Phillips, but for those that are looking for Luongo, it would have been completely feasible.

    Havlat has obviously proven that it's all about him -- and the cash. He's not that important to retain if he's going to maintain that type of attitude. It's also important to remember that he's never been consistent. He's the epitome of ebb and flow, and usually, he tends to dry up at the most inopportune times.

    The Universal Cynic

  3. Well they can't trade him for Luongo now!

    Interesting scenario now with Bertuzzi in FLA...will Jovanovski follow? Seems at first glance a very iffy deal for both sides. Keenan is shrewd and likely dealt Luongo somewhere he didn't want to go. Draft day should see lots of table to table calls!

    reality check

  4. "Chara and Redden aren't going anywhere. The longer the silence is maintained from both camps, the more I'm convinced of that fact".

    Wish I could agree with you here but I can't. Silence unfortunately is never a telling factor. On the other hand, rumours are false 99% of the time. In Boo Boo and Al Strachan's case, that would be about 200% of the time.

    The Rangers and return to NY state must be very alluring to Chara. Add in the fact they have more cap room left and can offer more than the Sens know he's worth and I'd say he's as good as gone.

    I found Chara did not adapt to the faster game, especially in the playoffs. While his stock may have risen during the regular season, it nosedived in the playoffs. Unlike Reddens case, he may be more easily replaced than Wade, a lifelong Sen.

    More often than not anymore, prior to free agency, it is the player agents who do the shopping. They then return to the player with opinions and options. There are media leaks when a given player wants to remain somewhere. This little game serves to up the offers. Silence, I find, happens when a camp has it's mind made up.

    Which, not coincidentally, is why I am worried as hell about my Habs and Huet.

    How convinced am I of Chara's fate? Well I am willing to wager the Fear Factor menu item of your choice should both D's be in camp and signed come October. Name your delicacy!

    BTW: Zdeno sounds alot like "Said No" to me!

    reality check

  5. You're missing the point. This has nothing to do with Chara and Redden -- no one would've expected Staal to replace them if he was here. But he could've replaced Phillips, who, for the record, is a UFA himself next year.

    The Universal Cynic

  6. The point you were making - was an IF. The point I was making is A NOW. I got your point, and Brian Lee for now now is a question mark! In ten days they will have neither Chara, Lee(yet)or Staal.

    You are dwelling on last years draft when NOW is upon us!

    Phillips has been mentioned in trade scenarios..one which has now passed. You offered that Chara and Redden due to the silence of the camps were going nowhere. I was more concerned with commenting on that than I was with last years draft oversights.

    Hey I'm about six Molsons into this burning dilema (No NyQuil in sight)and you're still on Red Bull!
    So I'm talking Greek and you Chinese!

    Stop stalling on Staal. (OK worst attempted pun ever made!)

    reality check