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Over/under on arrests on Whyte Ave. tonight: 179.

Good things happen when you go to the net, produce on the PP and get to the puck first. Sincerely, Prime Minister Stephen Harper -- hockey analyst to the stars.

How about Harry Neale suggesting that Harper become a scout "when he loses the next election"?

By the way, if this goes the Oilers' way on Monday, Kevin Lowe should nail down a vintage white Ford Bronco for Markkanen.

Other thoughts re: the Satellite Hotstove...

(Flashback to 48 hours ago)

The Driver: I want Luongo.

Me: Nope.

The Driver: How come? Havlat, Volchenkov, and a No. 1 pick.

Me: Whatever -- that little bugger is going to want to become a UFA next year, regardless. Mark my words.

Pierre LeBrun confirmed that tonight -- Keenan seems to be looking for a trade, but Luongo and his agent still want to test the market next year.


More later...

4 responses to "City under siege"

  1. I laughed my ass off at Neale's "lose the next election" comment. I see what he meant though about Harper - I liked his understated ease in front of the camera. Paul Martin would have embarrassed himself by wearing an Edmonton jersey, cheek jowls flapping enthusiastically as he tried to be the Canadian Everyman.

    Luongo: He's worth it.

    That package you offered sounded like a lot on first blush - but think about it for a second. The 1st rounder will be the 29th pick overall, right? Everything I've read about the draft this year suggests after the top 5 or 6, it's a crapshoot. Havlat - you know that he's walking next summer. He's in the exact situation that Luongo is in. What does the team need more - another scoring winger, or a premium, top-three netminder? Depth wingers can be obtained at the deadline, the Luongos of the world can't. Volchenkov hurts, but the Senators have depth - assuming both Chara and Redden take the hometown discount Hot Stove suggested they might. With a top four of Redden, Chara, Meszaros, and Phillps, you know they're laughing.

    So yah, I'd make that trade in a second. And who knows, maybe a condition of the deal is that Luongo signs a contract with Ottawa.

    You want to take as few gambles as possible. Hasek is a Gamble with a capital "G". Luongo would be money.



  2. P.S., Joey Moss is awesome. I can't believe he has a Wikipedia entry:



  3. I agree with Wardo - for Godsakes jump on the guy, win the Cup, and worry where he'll want to go later. If he hoists the big mug in a sens jersey, does anyone still beleive he would want to go elsewhere. It also gives Ottawa one year to save cap $. Well worth the gamble!

    PS: Off to another blog for now. Gotta make sure Acid Queen doesn't reach for razors!

    reality check

  4. Hey just caught the Sunday piece on the Steelers QB....you are now ready for motherhood! And HEY...suggesting Loonie Lonnie would hire the disposed Ti-Cats cheerleaders is one crazy notion. Where did you ever come up with something like that?

    reality check