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Tuesday was a very good day for TUC -- thanks to The Hater Nation and Deadspin (our first link to the site), we received mega exposure for the CFL cheerleader piece, which was extremely cool. At last count just before midnight, we were over 3,400 hits for the day. Very decent for a blog that few are aware of.

More later...including some extremely interesting dirt on Frank D'Angelo and his alleged interest in the mothballed Renegades.

P.S. If you're into late-night reading, may I suggest that you check this out. I don't get it either.

9 responses to "Metal horns and golf claps"

  1. I've yet to investigate but let me first say congratulations on it!

    reality check

  2. Thanks for the update on the Steelgades! Looks like it will happen when penguins bowl! The Dwayne-O stuff is wild! Very interseting and there will surely be more after Game 5. Not sure I follow it all, but definitely keep us posted.

    reality check

  3. You now know where to find it, and that'll be the first and last time I link to it. I'm just shocked by the blatant obsession, and this has nothing to do with anyone spouting rumours. Seriously -- who cares about anything that much? 99% of bloggers scare me, and I keep a great deal of distance from any that are associated with hockey. You'll notice that I have chosen to link to none of them -- there's a definite reason for that. Someday soon, one of these hardcore cases is going to stroke out. Get your action down now.

    The Universal Cynic

  4. Oh I agree with you on that big time! For educational purposes...for yourself..stay atuned to it with a watchful eye..anything learned is good. Thanks for the glimpse.

    reality check

  5. Yeah - wow, that Eklund stuff is pretty frightening. It made my skin crawl reading it over. I always thought he was a phony myself, but the intensity that this Acid Queen seems to have directed at him is unsettling indeed.

    I didn't know though, that blogger interest in hockey was so obsessive for you that you'd decide not to link any of them to your site.



  6. It's not blogger interest in hockey; it's the bloggers themselves. Petty spats and Internet lingo -- plus they melt down at the drop of a hat.

    I made one exception, and that was the Battle of Ontario. They found my old blog on their own (how, I don't know), so I made the decision to link to them.

    The Universal Cynic

  7. If the bloggers bug you so much, why even acknowledge them?

    The Acid Queen

  8. It might have something to with a previous inquiry (see above posts). I've never referenced it until now, and it's the way I feel. It was hardly a blanket statement. Adam over at The Hater Nation does a tremendous job, and handles criticism with poise and biting humour. Granted, that might have something to do with him being a media veteran.

    I find it very ironic that so many of these bloggers consider themselves to be superior to the media (and some of them actually are), but melt down at the first suggestion of criticism. There's more to the job than spouting opinions. You have to support your thoughts with legitimate arguments and a certain amount of grace. You can't just blow people off in a haphazard fashion. You'll lose any type of credibility, regardless of whether you're a unknown blogger, or a well-read member of the press.

    Defense-laden vitriol is simply asking to be cracked upon. If you can't handle the heat, then may I suggest that you find an alternative outlet for your rage. You also might want to consider anger-management counseling. Just an idea.

    P.S. Now I'm wondering if my point will be proven and I'll be banned for this over at the Carolina blog. Hmmm.

    The Universal Cynic

  9. Acid Queen is one hard crank to figure out. I posted about the scalper issue, somewhat backing her POV and it has yet to appear. I had a different way of looking at it that extended her view and added to the argument. I guess the 50 grit sand paper comment got me wiped for good!

    reality check