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More details are coming out from Jose Theodore's night with Paris Hilton. Apparently his girlfriend kicked him out after learning of the tryst. And the coup de gras? She was in Toronto as well -- they were in town to pick up their daughter. Here's a clip from CTV.ca:

TQS, a French-language television network, reported on Thursday that Stephanie Cloutier ended her relationship with Theodore and gave the Colorado Avalanche goaltender the boot from their Montreal home after learning of his apparent indiscretion.

According to Le Journal de Montreal, Cloutier and Theodore were in Toronto on the weekend to pick up their three-month-old daughter who had been hospitalized since her premature birth.

While they were in town, Theodore took time out from his familial obligations to escort Hilton, who starred in TV's The Simple Life, to a Toronto awards ceremony.

You can read the rest of the story here.

5 responses to "Theo the dumbass: Part deux"

  1. This is an embarrassment.

    What a distraction this guy was to the team - the biker gang thing, hair tonic thing, all the drama about his play. I'm amazed Gainey was able to 1.) unload his contract, and 2.) get something decent back for him. I have trouble imagining Theo's actions as being positive in the clubhouse.



  2. Wow. Just wow.


  3. It is somewhat sad and disturbing to watch such a once revered personality come undone in public. His season in hell is gathering all kinds of the wrong forms of attention and his behavior has run out of excuses. Many things have been passed off over the years. The "biker gang thing" Wardo referred to was at the time termed as a photo op as Theo had gone unwittingly onto their grounds to check out some cool bikes. The loan sharking accusations of his step father (not his father) were another distraction he had no part in apparently. Last year his (almost) future father in law is tried and thrown in jail in a sex abuse scandal. This was media fodder the size of the O.J. trial in Quebec. Then the positive drug test and the Propecia revelations which made him look silly. Getting out of the provincial could have set him down the path to a reburth of sorts. The circus always surrounding him could only be seen as a negative once it was all added up. I never agreed with his trading, but now I understand why it had to be done. In light of all this, I too must confess amazement Gainey was able to pull off any deal of value. Today Theo's probably worth a sixth round draft pick. Has there been any comment by Avs management? Can't wait to hear what the GM who traded for him has to say!

    reality check

  4. The official comment from the Avs was (and I'm paraphrasing): We've never commented on our players' personal lives and we're not about to start now.

    Seriously though -- what type of dumbass does this? It's Paris freaking Hilton, for God's sakes. Media follows her everywhere. He was bound to get caught. I was even speculating with The Driver last night that maybe his girlfriend was nuts, and he had tried to dump her previously, with no success. But even that seems too far-fetched, and her reported reaction seems to tell otherwise.

    In town to pick up his daughter from the hospital, and he decides to celebrate by dropping the hammer on a celebuskank. Unbelievable.

    The Universal Cynic

  5. I wouldn't say your theory on Theo trying to bust himself is all that far-fetched. I thought out that scenario also. He knows full well how actions in the media play out having spent a decade under Montreal's magnifying glass. He knows he is easily recognizable and of course so is the slut-du-jour. If he wanted to set himself up, why not just hop on down to the hottest party in town. How convenient. He surely must have been aware of the repercussions. All these photos are missing is a pose and a wave to the cameras. This whole act is akin to playing Russian roulette fully knowing all chambers are loaded. His past mistakes can be taken in the context of misjudgements, but this one seems almost calculated. It's as subtle as a lightening rod in a thunderstorm.

    reality check