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Please pick up the blue and orange phone.

Looking for Howard Finkel-Hurricanes stuff? Go here. Keep in mind that it's Game 7, and we still don't know the true name of the announcer.

Very disappointing start to the Oilers' game -- they should feel fortunate to only be down by one.

Which brings me to another point...

Whenever Edmonton doesn't bring their best game, why isn't Carolina going up 2, 3 or more goals? Blocked shots aside, what's up with that? If you ask me, that's the sign of a good team -- not a great one.

More later...

UPDATE: In case you're keeping track...

Harry Neale's Ohio State Buckeyes references -- 1

(Miami Heat Head Coach) Pat Riley references -- 1

Farmers' philosophy references -- 1 ("It doesn't matter how you feel, the cows still have to be milked.")

The Driver's take: "I picture (Neale) wearing a beret tonight."

UPDATE #2: This is Senators-esque. Not getting to the puck first, the ineffective drop passes, the neutral-zone trouble, the lack of bodies in the offensive zone...

Oh my. Stellar 5-on-3. Do they sell shower rods on Whyte Avenue?

UPDATE #3: What do you think Kevin Lowe will do to hang onto Fernando Pisani? Don't forget that he's a UFA this year, and has turned into the 2006 version of Martin Gelinas (during Calgary's run).

UPDATE #4: Marshall Johnston has a Stanley Cup. If that's not enough to make you nauseous, I don't know what is.

Did you check out Justin Williams' fan club? Who the hell were those chicks?

For the record:

Ray Bourque-esque "f*cking rights" - 3 (Justin Williams, Aaron Ward and Ray Whitney). Apparently no one's lording over the censor controls at the CBC tonight.

Being someone who follows and covers the Sens -- it seems like bizarre irony to me. The play, particularly in the final game, was so similar. But the major difference between the two teams was always "the want" -- the desire to charge forward, and seize the victory. Tonight, Edmonton didn't display that mentality to the fullest. They may have felt it, but it wasn't blatantly evident.

Congratulations to Carolina, and particularly to Eric Staal. I hope he fills the Cup with Persian icing and takes it up to Bethammi.

14 responses to "Hello, hit parade?"

  1. Ron: Don't get hit on the head, or you might get a big head.

    (Cherry grimaces)


  2. Why is Edmonton trying to carry the puck in, 1 against 3 in the 'Canes zone? They keep trying all this fancy stuff and aren't playing the simple game they did before. Hemsky needs to remember he has teammates! All that fancy stuff isn't going to beat them.

    Just dump it in! Can they hear me from here?


  3. Excellent point, re: Hemsky. He's acting very Alfredsson-esque (you know, without getting deked out by a no-name forward).

    The Universal Cynic

  4. I didn't want to make the inflammatory Senators comparison, but that's who Edmonton is reminding me of, too. They're getting schooled in all aspects of the game. Except the PP - Ottawa is always good for a powerplay goal.

    Edmonton is reminding me tonight of the Game 2 Oilers the most though. They are trying too hard to make the perfect plays. That 5-3 didn't look so hot - all those passes...

    Samsonov - why did he drop the puck back? To nobody?!

    Just too many squandered opportunities. Edmonton hasn't cashed in when they had their chances. They'd better hope for a killer third.



  5. By the way - you were a bit off on the over/under for Whyte Ave. arrests the other night:

    "Officers arrested 394 of the more than 30,000 triumphant fans who congregated in the area, high-fiving and chanting "We want the Cup!"



  6. I didn't get a chance to update that, but to be fair, there were just over 200 arrests for Game 5. I guess I was expecting too much for the revelers to behave themselves.

    The Universal Cynic

  7. Ah, nuts. I wanted to be the first guy to gloat about the best line of the night. Whitney: "Oh YEAH! FUCKING RIGHT!" (immediate microphone silence)

    And yeah, when I saw the guys lining up to hug each other, I thought Williams made the smart play. I'd way rather be hugging the hot groupies.

    *sigh* Well, there's always next year. On the upside, my name is on the Cup.



  8. I am so pissed off, bewildered and angry I can barely compose myself or my thoughts. Wardo's assessment of their play was right on. I found they were repeating the same mistakes as previous games with Hemsky doing his best Sergei Berezin all night long. The slow start set them back and they never got to control the pace. a sad day all in all.

    reality check

  9. Hmmm


    Well it was a wild series. Edmonton fought to the end but a guess, sob the best team won.

    Canes were hot all year. Not ahabby team. Too bab few in their city outside thetadium care though.
    Edmonton would have enjoyed the cup more.

    Staal? Awesome. Ward too @$# it.

    How about Commadore though. Strange he's in the final again. Coincidence? I think not.

    Moose out!!! spaces.msn.com/sensmoose


  10. Yes it is too bab indeeb, I van't get ober it just tet!

    reality check

  11. Play nice, RC. I'm being objective, because I was assuming the majority of the commentators were contributing to Frank D'Angelo's car payments tonight.

    The Universal Cynic

  12. The elbows are up high - two minutes for roughing and a ten minute misconduct!

    reality check

  13. BTW, the Canes' PA guy is Brian somethingorother. He got the job because he's an optometrist at Eyecare Associates, which is one of the Hurricanes' corporate sponsors.

    Every time I hear him, I really start to miss Tony Gilliam (our old PA guy).

    The Acid Queen

  14. Yea... NBC also got caught off guard by the f-bomb at the end there.