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So, The Driver and I passed by the little fair taking place in the (NEW!) Hazeldean Mall parking lot this evening, and there were a few rides present --The Octopus, Round-Up (a.k.a. The Expectorant) and some bumper cars.

Don't you always remember going to the fair, and generally being creeped out by two things: 1) Carnies and 2) that damned Conklin Shows logo?

But looking at it now, and remembering what occurred last night -- how appropriate is that? Right down to the crosses for the eyes.

And to add the ironic icing on the cake, here's part of the scouting report on Conklin from TSN's website: "Assets: Can handle big-game pressure. Has the ideal demeanor for the goaltending position. Works extremely hard at improving his game."

1 response to "Ty Conklin's House of Horrors"

  1. Pretty funny.

    Still there is pressure and there is PRESSURE. Going in cold to a tight game in the finals that is PRESSURE.

    Jacques Plante in his book on goal tending writes, "Pressure is the name of the game. The stronger the team he plays against, the more pressure the goalie feels - the kind of pressure that produces ulcers and has forced some great goalies to quit the game - goalies like Wilf Cude, Frank McCool, Bill Durnan, Gerry McNeil."

    Still, while I think the Canes are celebrating right now, the Oiler's may find a way to put up a fight.

    I'm still sorry I accidently jinxed Canada's team though, especially after they got a penalty shot goal which is an NHL finals first.