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"Game 2 is scheduled for one fall!"

Like it matters now, but The Driver and I stopped by Ty Conklin's house before the game to purchase some cotton candy, and I said the score tonight would be 6-0 (for Carolina). Not far off.

Bloody painful television viewing if you're an Oilers fan. Capitalize on those rebounds much? (Irony...ha.) And from the Mick McGeough School of Drama to Bill McCreary's machinations -- does anyone long for Kerry the Coif? Just thought I'd ask. For the record, and all McCreary hatred aside, so many of those Edmonton infractions would've been called by the majority. If the Oilers want to have a chance, they've obviously got to squelch that behaviour. I think Craig MacTavish's hair is white enough as it is.

One benefit that will come from the imminent return to Rexall Place -- everyone gets away from that Howard Finkel-esque arena MC in Raleigh. That, combined with the crowd's incessant Ric Flair-on-helium imitations have been grating on my nerves. I may as well be watching RAW.

"The winner...and NEWWWWWWWWWWWWW Stanley Cup Champions!" (Admit it -- you can hear it in your head.)

7 responses to "Mix in a ladder match"

  1. Does Alka Seltzer and Red Bull mix?

    I feel like I'm watching hockey reruns from hell. The officiating has taken away much in my eyes, in regards to the 'Canes accomplishments so far. Face it, so far this playoff season, they have been the beneficiary of timely calls, bad calls, non calls and just plain lucky breaks. Not take anything away from the stellar performances of Ward, Brind'Amour, Hedican...but the officiating remains as inconsistants as ever. I would be worse if Kerry Fraser were still present. The league has the good sense toixnay him after one round.

    Starting with Koivu/Williams incident in the first round which, called properly would have sent Carolina on vacation, up to tonights bogus call on Raffi Torres after the Oilers had just killed off a double minor, it's not hard to see where and when the momentum shifts the 'Canes way. Versus Buffalo and their defleted D corps, they still needed the a delay of game call in the last eight minutes to put them away.

    In my view, all this taints the credibility of what surely is a great team, though not a champion in my eyes. The best team may have been the Sabres..as you said elswhwere, we will never know.

    reality check

  2. Yup, I too had the strange feeling that the polarization of some of the components to this match-up was one step away from a PPV hype storyline. Glad I wasn't the only one.

    No doubt the fans in Edmonton are going to blow the roof off of the Skyr... 'er I mean.. Rexall Place. I'd be impressed if Edmontonians came out in their own Red and White, wave the maple leaf, and rocked out to their National Anthem once again.


  3. I miss Kerry too.

    Harry Neale, on seeing a puck bounce off Fraser's head: "Don't worry folks! He's not hurt, the puck hit his hair!"


  4. If I might just add one more thing to this discourse, it is the unusual decision to include human insterest stories while the action is going on. This blog entry may not even realize how close it reached to the analytical truth.

    For example, John Davidson told the story of how he chatted with an Edmonton broadcaster saying that the Oilers were once looking at Raleigh for relocation. Do they believe the OLN audience cares that much? Does the NHL need storylines to drive up viewers instead of the product on the ice?

    Count yourselves lucky those of you who got to see it on a Canadian network broadcast.


  5. Yes, I admit it. I see Canada's cup drought lasting another year and the Oiler's being swept away to the Nah Nah Nah song without even giving a fight.

    Yep, if I'm a Cane. I'm already planning the parade. I would have complete confidence that I will blow out this lousy team that no longer, without their MVP, deserves to be in the play offs.

    If I'm an Oiler, I'm asking myself whether I need to get so many @#@ penalties which was O.K when the other guy was in net but not now. I want my team to choose ONE goalie, and that guy to be ready for the best hockey of his life rather than say giving up a weak goal at the end of the second period.


    I'm doing my crying in the rain,
    Moose out.



  6. Whaa? How does John Davidson's story fall under the category of "human interest"? This is a hockey human interest story:

    Jussi Markkanen's chocolate Lab had a litter of puppies, and Shawn Horcoff took one off his hands. Horcoff named the pup "Juicy", obviously after his teammate. Juicy loves to hang with Horcoff's kids when they're playing street hockey -- he steals the puck off the faceoff and buries it in the backyard of their summer house in Trail, BC. The family then joins together for a collective He-Man laugh, demonstrating once again that life is good at the Horcoff house. End scene.

    That's a hockey human interest story -- albeit a fake one. And they're the bread and butter of any HNIC broadcast.

    The Universal Cynic

  7. Can an on-line petition be started somewhere to rid the world of the Cole/Neale duo. Their incompetance at calling games is reaching an all time low. They seem at times obviously disinterested and Neales chirp-ins have become increasingly grating. Cole has no flair whatsoever in describing the ongoing play and little passion in the heat of action. At one point during last nights telecast he simply said something along the lines of "....he shoots the puck over there..." If TSN or any other network were ever to go head to head with the CBC during the finals their ratings would plummet.

    reality check