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Yeah, you may have noticed a couple. I haven't fully decided yet, and I just noticed that hyperlinks don't appear in a different colour on this template, leaving the reader to scroll for blog-esque Easter eggs. Dumbass. Gimme your feedback, and I'll keep tinkering.

12 responses to "Changes"

  1. Okay, you asked. A few:

    1.) I think your title should be larger than it is, with some space between it and the quote beneath.

    2.) I'm not sold yet on the baby-poo green, but it's better than what you had before.

    3.) The comments section - is it possible restore them so that we can see who wrote what?



  2. 1) I don't think I can change the font size. It was part of the pre-packaged template.

    2) Nice colour analysis. I went with it because it was easy on the eyes. There was a red one that I loved, but it was impossible to read.

    3) As soon as you click to post a comment, you'll see the names of the previous commentators. As for them appearing on the blog, I don't know how to change it just yet.

    The Universal Cynic

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  4. I think you should have a contest for the priviledge of re-designing your blog.

    "Design The Cynic's Blog Page!!"

    "The author of the winning template will receive a custom-made 'Universal Cynic' cafepress.com t-shirt, autographed by Canada's youngest, and best-looking sportswriter! Make your friends jealous with rage!"

    They'll be lining up to give you cool blog templates with an offer like that!



  5. Between all three of you? Do I dare dip my toe into that talent pool?

    If any of you can find something truly outstanding, email me (see profile for info). I'll figure out some sort non-lascivious compensation.

    Just wait 'til RC sees this. It'll mess him up good.

    The Universal Cynic

  6. It's like Alanis wearing pastels. Not sure I'm ready for that.

    NFL Adam

  7. i've updated the code for Green Bubble. Thanks for highlighting the errors, i didn't knew about it. sorry for the trouble. :)

    Joan Doe

  8. It looks like Martha Stewart horked bile in Sarah McLaughlin's walkin closet! Other than that, I don't like it. Really, the design does not matter, it's all about the content. As far as any design competitions go, I'll let someone who needs the positive reinforcement go for it since I can't be bothered to try to e-mail a blank page and crayolas. And if you think I'm kidding...I probably am! Hopefully the page will evolve!

    reality check

  9. A little better LOL. Not as tacky!

    reality check

  10. Not as tacky? Still on the NyQuil, RC? If it were any more streamlined, it would be a porpoise in binary code.

    The Universal Cynic

  11. Try that then, I can skip Nyquil.

    reality check

  12. Is this the red one you loved, but was impossible to read?

    Now that the "baby-poo" template has been garbaged, I can safely comment: I hated that design. This one is way better.