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I read this on an American blog last night re: the trade of Bertuzzi to Florida:

"'Bert' should flourish in the Coach Martin system"

That's all it said -- a statement with no explanation. How is Bertuzzi going to flourish under Jacques? Are his offensive numbers suddenly going to rebound in a renaissance of sorts, because Jacques would let him freewheel? Don't think so. What about fighting? Is he going to drop the gloves, lest he face the consequences and have his minutes cut? What about aggressive behaviour on the ice? How much of that will be sacrificed to placate Martin?

Todd Bertuzzi is in Florida because Mike Keenan wanted him there. But this isn't the type of player that Jacques covets -- quite the opposite, actually.

"Flourish"? I highly doubt it.

P.S. It should be noted that Bertuzzi only fought twice in the last season (he won both) but undoubtedly the lack of tilts was due to being in the spotlight so much. If Bertuzzi is to regain his game of old, he will need to begin displaying emotion again, and aggression is a big key to his game.

1 response to "I don't get it"

  1. Personnally I can't stand the coward-assed thug. Commenting on the trade, when I'd rather have seen him trade in his jersey for prison wear, probably affects my opinion of the person AND the player.

    I doubt Bertuzzi will ever regain his old game. He can never strike that fear into opponants eyes as he used to. He'll always be something of a marked man, one way or another.

    With that in mind, it is doubtful that he could "flourish" on any team, in any system at this point. Under Jacques Martin's robotic instucting, the best he could do would be to become merely another point per game player. The benefits of a change of scenery will be offset by the unfamiliarity of surroundings. Not playing with Markus Naslund for one thing, will keep his lost for a while. Top it off with Martin not wanting Bertuzzi to take himself out of the play too much when it comes to over aggressive play, and we will see a confused player, wondering exactly what his role is. Too bad he didn't end up in Philly!

    reality check