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The speculation: Jim Hughson claimed during tonight's Habs-Canes broadcast that the game wasn't sold out and listed the following as the reasons why:

1) Carolina lost the first game of the series;

2) It was Monday.

The NHL website's official stats lists the attendance at 18,730. The only capacity stat I could find for the RBC Center was on Wikipedia, and lists the building's capacity as 18,731. I don't fully trust the NHL's figures, simply from the experience of seeing the SBP partially empty on occasion, but listed later as a near-sellout.

From my vantage point, the RBC Center seemed full, but Hughson must've have a reason for making the comment, and would have a different view from the press box. If this is true (big IF), it's a horrible revelation. Both home games of this series should've been sold out well in advance, and the day of the game should never be an issue.

As for the truth: Carolina fans are frightfully loud and enthusiastic. And I'm disgusted there are hockey fans in a southern U.S. state that remain more passionate than Ottawa fans.

P.S. According to the RBC Center website, the Hurricanes are the "2006 East Conference Champs." This is news to me, although right about now, I'm sure they'd love to be playing Tampa instead of Montreal.

2 responses to "Disgusted by speculation and truth"

  1. After watching the first two Carolina games, two things amaze me.

    First, like you, I noticed how loud the arena is. That's some fantastic fan support Carolina is enjoying. And unlike other expansion locations I remember, they even boo and cheer at the right times (a non-call they don't like, offsides, a good PK or save, etc.). They seem like enthusiastic, intelligent fans.

    And it isn't just Ottawa these guys blow away either, it's Montreal and Toronto as well (not that out-cheering Toronto's stuff-suits is too hard).

    How come these crackers have us beat in the fan support department? It's not like Ottawa doesn't have a good team to root for. It IS disgusting. They aren't supposed to like hockey as much as we do!

    The second thing that I wonder about is why their arena is called the RBC arena. I'm surprised at the American presence of our banks.



  2. Montreal fans quiet - I hardly doubt it. They seem miked differently from a broadcast perspective. I've rewatched games I've attended and noticed some kinda sonic glass wall on TSN and CBC telecasts that aren't there with the french broadcasts. I even switch channels and notice it. Live, they are animals!

    I noticed another strange thing during last nights game. Hughson and the french broadcasters must work alongside each other, as both made the same erroneous comment at the end of regulation, minutes apart from each other. It annoys me to no end when supposed hockey knowledgable folk screw up, so this rankled me twice! After the Hurricanes sent it to OT, Jacques Demers and then Hughson both questioned Gainey's use of the line of Koivu-Ribeiro-Murray to take such an important draw late in the game. They both qualified it as a costly mistake on the coaches part. Neither clued into the fact that the coach had little choice as the faceoff followed an icing call. The Canadiens were not permitted to change players after an icing, as has been the rule all year long. Add in the fact the 3 mentioned forwards play on 3 different lines and you have a good example of unknowledgable play by play men. This is the same reason I turn the sound down on Cole and Neale!

    reality check