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The HF Boards decided to have a bit of fun at ESPN's expense -- it's the network's own fault, and that will become apparent once you see the ESPN SportsNation poll (and specifically, their choices for the Hart). Anyway, it's safe to say that the posters think quite a lot of Marek Svatos. For the record, I gave my vote to "Morning" Brodeur, but not to Barry Trotz and his pesky "Predatos". And if the Professional Hockey Writers' Association will have me next year (not in a biblical sense, of course), I'll be able to vote for real in 2006-07. God help you all.

1) Who do you think should win the Hart Trophy (MVP)?

61.4% Marek Svatos, Avalanche

19.8% Joe Thornton, Sharks

15.1% Jaromir Jagr, Rangers

2.7% Mikka Kiprusoff, Flames

1.0% Daniel Alfredsson, Senators

2) Who do you think should win the Vezina Trophy (best goalie)?

37.5% Mikka Kiprusoff, Flames

22.7% Matin (sic) Brodeur, Devils

21.9% Henrik Lundqvist, Rangers

11.6% Marty Turco, Stars

6.4% Tomas Vokoun, Predators

3) Who do you think should win the Calder Trophy (best rookie)?

66.6% Alexander Ovechkin, Capitals (Ed. Note: Satan has apparently spoken on this one)

12.6% Sidney Crosby, Penguins

10.8% Henrik Lundqvist, Rangers

10.0% Dion Phaneuf, Flames

4) Who do you think should win the Norris Trophy (best defenseman)?

41.9% Niklas Lidstrom, Red Wings

28.6% Sergei Zubov, Stars

11.7% Scott Niedermayer, Mighty Ducks

9.0% Chris Pronger, Oilers

8.9% Zdeno Chara, Senators

5) Who do you think should win the Adams Award (best coach)?

31.0% Tom Renney, Rangers

21.3% Lindy Ruff, Sabres

20.0% Peter Laviolette, Hurricanes

15.2% Barry Trotz, Predatos (sic)

12.6% Mike Babcock, Red Wings

6) Who do you think should win the Selke Trophy (best defensive forward)?

47.1% Rod Brind'Amour, Hurricanes

30.3% Mike Fisher, Senators

22.5% Jere Lehtinen, Stars

7) Who do you think should win the Lady Byng Trophy (sportsmanship)?

38.8% Pavel Datsyuk, Red Wings

35.9% Daniel Alfredsson, Senators

25.4% Brad Richards, Lightning

Total Votes: 68,132

2 responses to "Nice job, HF Boards"

  1. By looking at your blog and the little comments you have received. I feel you need some help for more exposure, I will link to your blog from mine, see if that helps.


  2. Your efforts are appreciated, but this blog was never about a multitude of exposure for me. I receive plenty of that through my column. I only post on a very short list of blogs. If the only exposure I receive is from others reading my comments and coming to read my blog afterward, I'm fine with that.

    It should also be noted that this isn't a Sens blog. It doesn't state that anywhere on the page. I'm not a Sens writer, nor do I cover their beat. I do write about them a great deal for my column, but if you go back into the blog archives, you will notice that I've written about the Orioles, Broncos, the Olympics, the Renegades et al. A strictly-Sens blog would not have a post on it regarding Pat Quinn's dismissal, nor would it touch on any of the topics stated above.

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