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Anna rethinks divorce -- wants to continue rocking the gravy train and dodging Baltimore's STDs. You know life's not worth living when you don't even feel like taking the kids out shopping for UGG sandals, right? Well, that's the conclusion the Notorious Ms. Benson came to on Monday, deciding instead to take back her cheating husband (allegedly) and maintaining her status as Maryland's finest D-list celebrity (just ahead of Linda Hamilton, of course). The news of Anna's imminent return to the Baltimore fold made for an unexpectedly interesting media day with the Lynx on Tuesday, with all the local hacks muttering under their breath, "Kris Benson" and "Tommy John rehab", like a child making a hope-filled wish at Christmas. Give it up, boys. And God forbid, if it ever comes to pass that the Bensons are forced to spend a stretch in Canada's fair capital, I'll be wearing surgical gloves to shake Anna's hand.

When did Ottawa's No. 1 defenseman turn into Spain's favourite female Flamenco guitarist? Here's the game-day teaser as it appeared on TSN.ca on Monday: The Atlanta Thrashers continue the quest for their first-ever playoff berth tonight when they visit the East-leading Ottawa Senators at Scotiabank Place. They are catching the Senators at an opportune time. Ottawa captain Daniel Alfredsson is suffering from flu-like symptoms today and will be a game-time decision. The Senators were hoping to have injured defenceman Zdeno Charo and forward Mike Fisher back tonight, but they are not going to dress.

For the record, they never bothered to correct it, even after several hours. Cuchi cuchi.

How interesting that we have had two incidents this week, both involving playoff teams facing opponents who likely won't make the cut. In both cases, players from the flailing squads displayed an intent to injure. It may be a reach to suggest that this is bitterness, due to the recognition of one squad going onto the playoffs, and another spending the majority of spring on the links. But it's a phenomenon that does exist in sports, and is one we have seen previously -- most notably in the NFL. Unfortunately, NHL teams lack the ability to "sit" their star players down the stretch, especially when playoff races are so tight. The only way to curb this type of behaviour would be to fine and suspend players accordingly. But based on the fines that Kovalchuk and Exelby received on Wednesday, it's obvious the punishment didn't fit the crime.

More tomorrow. Maybe.

1 response to "Wednesday afternoon deglaze"

  1. They need to punish based on the intent, not the outcome. It's like the retarded high-sticking rule. After you flop dramatically on the ice, if you can manage to squeeze out a few drops of blood, your team gets an extra minute of powerplay time. If I was a player, I'd carry around a blood capsule in my mouth.

    Are you saying that Chara has a GIRL'S name? Maybe that's why he has to fight so much.