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Talk is heating up in the search for a new head coach in Vancouver. Names mentioned thus far include Manitoba Moose head coach Alain Vigneault, Toronto Marlies coach Paul Maurice, Red Wings scout (and former head coach) Dave Lewis, and the recently fired Pat Quinn (although he is only referenced in the TSN headline, and nowhere else in the article). Here's a quote from Canucks' GM Dave Nonis on the search proceedings:

"It's about the right person, not the person that is the sexiest choice to do the best job."

This is getting sick.

Can we please talk about the use of the term "sexy" within sports, and its respective media? It's a trend gone horribly, horribly wrong. The Canucks are not looking for the "sexiest" coach. The San Jose Sharks are the "sexy" pick for the Stanley Cup. Is there a new definition for this word that I'm unaware of?

Not that I'd ever be idiotic enough to misuse the word "sexy" when what I really meant was "trendy", but can you imagine if I called someone sexy in the column? It would be like a coup for the naysayers that have an obvious problem with a female sportswriter. I'd immediately become a puckbunny -- a Terri-Anne Welyki, version 2.0.

I think I'd sound ridiculous using (or should I say misusing) this term. And why some of Canada's most respected analysts can't see how foolish they sound when they say it, is beyond me.

I'm calling an immediate moratorium on the sexy movement in sports. And based on the photos above, I believe Dave Lewis should help to lead the charge.

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