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The sexy memo, that is. Here are some of Crawford's comments from his news conference this aft, specifically about Todd Bertuzzi:

"I really feel Todd has been so unfairly treated here, especially lately, when it's very, very sexy for the media to try and portray that there's a problem between one side and the other side," said Crawford, who held a news conference in the same room at GM Place where he talked to reporters during the season.

1 response to "Obviously Crawford didn't get the memo"

  1. I can't believe Marc said that. I missed the press conference in whole. I wonder if he contextualized the comment in any way. I'd love to put it back to him if I see him around soon. I know him a little, his wife and I were on a yearbook committee 26 years ago. Hope he gets the Leafs job, he's one of the top coaches in the league. If I run into him and Helene again in Cornwall Square, I'll have to mosey on up to him and say "Hey Craw, I thought it was really sexy the way you handled you're firing!"

    reality check