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(Ed. Note: I love Google Images - some of the most amusing photos you see on the blog were pulled from a 13-page deep search that started with something as simple as entering "Mats Sundin". Long story short, that's where this latest image came from. I did a Google Image search of Pat Quinn, and lo and behold...a goat. A goat named Rosasharn's Patrick Quinn. I couldn't make this up if I tried. Patrick is a Senior Champion and Grand Champion Buck. It's good to know someone is.)

Say what you will about Pat Quinn -- actually, for the most part, you, the fan haven't been saying it -- you've been regurgitating six-hour-old TSN/Sportsnet/The Score/Fan 590 vitriol. And they can say that he wasn't a good communicator -- that it was previously the responsibility of current-Panther Gary Roberts to carry information from the coach to the team. And now that Roberts is gone, a major flaw in the team's chemistry has been exposed. Well, couldn't someone else step into that role? Like a Mats Sundin, perhaps? Oh, but he isn't that type of captain. Remind me again what "type" he is? Apparently, the type that made $6.333 million US this year, but can't step up to play an grownup's version of Telephone.

"Hey Sundin -- even money says that Paul Maurice has the head coaching job...purple monkey dishwasher. Pass it on."

And speaking of Paul "Buster" Maurice, I found some comments from JFJ's press conference this aft to be quite interesting. The press kept pushing for a legitimate answer to speculation that Maurice (the current coach of the Toronto Marlies) would step into Quinn's Ermenegildo Zegnas, behind the Leafs' bench. JFJ at one point said that Maurice has been involved in an "8 or 9 month interview" for the job.

A curious choice of words. Are we to interpret this to mean that Pat Quinn was a lame duck coach for the entire 2005-06 NHL season? If that was the case, what was truly accomplished in this experiment gone horribly wrong?

(Aside -- I gave Paul Maurice the above moniker because he looks like a one-off character from Sex and The City named "Buster" -- he was a shoe salesman and a foot fetishist on the show.)

Most of the arguments against Quinn stem back to his days when he held both posts as GM -- that he let players like Jason Smith, Brad Boyes and Steve Sullivan go (or be traded).

But who brought in Gary Roberts? Who brought in Alexander Mogilny? Both came in as UFAs and affected the team in a remarkable way -- just ask any Sens fan.

Quinn never should have held the GM post as a head coach to begin with. It was a major conflict of interest, and in respect to his firing, the point is moot.

Quinn is still a very capable and experienced coach -- some may claim that he's stuck in his ways, and lacks the ability to adapt. Those are the people that haven't faced him as a coaching opponent in the playoffs. He's more than able to change on the fly -- to anticipate and alter when necessary (and given the proper tools).

Hopefully once his bitterness subsides, Quinn will be grateful to be free of the stranglehold that the Toronto media presents, and to no longer be associated with a franchise that's obviously on the downswing. In the meantime, JFJ will eventually have to be held accountable for the questionable free agent signings that he made as GM. After witnessing his horrific news conference this aft, it's plainly obvious that the only thing slick about John is his hair.

6 responses to "Pat Quinn: Goat of the Scape variety?"

  1. I do not appreciate your comments on the Leafs being on a downswing because that is not true. Leafs were great the last 3 weeks of the regular season and almost got in the play-offs.

    I swear if the Leafs got in and played your damn Sens than the Sens would have lost. Be blessed that you do not have to play the blue and white in post-season play.

    Being how your a top rated columnist, these comments will probably just bounce off you well please in the future do not say anything bad about my beloved hockey team!!!

    Feel free to check my blog and leave a comment,


  2. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, dude. This is a Kool Aid-free zone, and pulling a 1-for-8 on our series qualifies as a team on a downswing to me...or do you prefer porpoising? Don't get yourself into a knot in the bunkers out there. Tuukka Rask for the Vezina, Calder and Hart trifecta next year! Oh, but I forgot...you resigned Aubin, didn't you? Yep...he'll fix everything.


    The Universal Cynic

  3. Hey their, hope your enjoying the hockey game. Seems like your Sens have run into another hot goalie in the play-offs.

    Lets rundown the other goalies they ran into, mainly Leaf goalies they could not beat in the play-offs, lol.

    Curtis Joseph, Ed Belfour, the Tampa goalie looks hot right and if that is the case then this 1 versus 8 series will not go the Sens way, I am sad for you again as Ottawa just cannot catch a break as they always run into hot goalies, take care and enjoy the rest of the game, bye.

    GO LEAFS GO!!!!


  4. What does this have to do with the post? And what are you cheering for? Did Sundin shoot a hole-in-one? Wait a sec...you're confused because you're watching the Sens play another team in blue and white, right?

    Do you want to retract your cart-before-the-horse post, or do you wish to continue to make a fool of yourself by calling the game at the end of the 2nd?

    You might want to wait until the 60-minute mark before you get ahead of yourself again. You also might want to consider a grammar check and a helmet. Granted, I give that advice to all Leaf fans.


    P.S. Joseph and Belfour are not Brodeur. The Senators have beaten Brodeur (a.k.a. the greatest backstopper in the league). It's called the 1997-98 Eastern conference quarterfinals. Look into it.

    The Universal Cynic

  5. Valid points, I will keep my comments to myself till the game is actually over in the future.


  6. Leafs fans make me piss myself silly. The team sucks all year, misses the playoffs, and fires the coach - yet they yap off about how it shoulda been and woulda been if, if, if... Ever wonder why there's been no parades down Bay St. for 40 years now! It's cause the fans practically endorse the managements incompetance with such blind faith. The Leafs will become winners when Leaf nation stops dreaming! Why is Ferguson being kept on and why would anyone have faith in what he's building? He's been atrocious as a GM, the equivalent of a bumbling idiot. He has not made a single move that will advance the team. Their late season surge meant zero - the Leafs played teams that were basically eliminated from the playoffs or clubs that were already in and had little to gain. The Leafs may think they played desperate hockey but the truth is Montreal knocked them so far back a month ago they couldn't get up. The Canadiens incidently, were the last team the Leafs played that had the same desperation to seek a playoff spot. The result was devastating for the Leafs. Remember those two games versus the Habs all summer, because that is the REAL team Toronto has!

    Now as unreal as Toronto fans can get each year with its teams expectation, I find more and more that Sens fans are learning from them. There is an pro - Ottawa arrogance that has risen in the last few years..it ranks! Like mustard up my nostrils. Granted Ottawa finished first and they should have - a very good team has been built that should contend for a few good years. To claim this is the year from the drop of the puck in October is an entirely different thing. Start talking about Stanley once you get by the second round for once! Nothing is ever won in advance. Ottawa was brutal down the stretch as injuries exposed weaknesses. The Sens will never win the Cup with Jason Spezza as a #1 center - his defensive game is just nowhere near where it ought to be to compete in the playoffs.

    The local Ottawa media is selling papers based on the hopes of the Sens this spring. I recognize that is the job at hand. I read the Montreal media all the time and they do not fool themselves or the fans as to where the team stands. As a Habs fan myself, I will readily admit, we're lucky if we take one game from Carolina. The team has gotten only slightly better over the course of a few seasons, but are still a long way from where they need to be to win. Nobody's dreaming of a repeat of 1993. My point being, Montreal fans and media alike, do not get overly excited by a simple playoff appearance. Of course Montreal has seen a little more winning than Ottawa, given all the past success. The ability to rationalize such situations and place proper perspective is lost in Toronto and Ottawa simply because winning has eluded them for so long.

    Raising those Stanley Cup banners for the two seasons in the 1920's when the Senators won the (then challenge) cup but then lost it, is pure stupidity. I've followed hockey for 35 years and that was the funniest desperation for credibility I've ever seen. I'd be ashamed, really!

    The Sens get caught up in their own bubble bragging about January wins against the Habs. Talk on the bench about holding the Canadiens to less than 12 shots in a meaningless game when the Habs were seeded 12th is something I only thought Leaf nation was capable of. Hasek saying it was so easy he shouldn't even be credited with a shutout is pure arrogance. Notice though, they haven't beaten Montreal since! The arrogance the Sens are learning from the blue and white is very apparent to those who are not caught up in it. Too bad the Habs and Sens didn't meet in the first round - there are even more Habs fans in the capital than Toronto fans - it would have been interesting.

    But from a Habs fan to all you Sens fans - best of luck! Since my team is still nowhere near, I hope you pull it off! If not, I hope the reality check isn't too painful. Don't let any Leafs fans comments get to you, they really don't have a clue where Ottawa stands anyway. Like, what do they know?

    reality check