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If you're looking for the Chris Pronger alleged infidelity story, that is.

You should know that I was never approached to remove the story, nor was I threatened with any type of litigation. This was a personal decision, and I felt that the post had remained on the blog long enough.

Any other rumours that have appeared on TUC (and believe me, there are very few) were posted after much thought and due to information passed on by someone directly affected by the issue. This was an exception.

After the link from Microbano had been posted on Deadspin, I thought would also make mention of the speculation -- please note that I never claimed it was true.

There has to be a bigger reason behind all of this drama. I don't know if it involves another woman or women, but needless to say, if it does, I feel extremely badly for Pronger's family and the Edmonton fans.

I don't expect the truth to come out on Tuesday. But I have no interest in ever referencing this story again. There are so many intriguing stories that will take place this weekend, that this tale is no longer worthy of the spotlight.

Yeah hey,

E (a.k.a. TUC)

2 responses to "You're too late"

  1. Good call. First Theodore. Now Pronger. If this kept up you could name an all-slut team.

    daisy bomb

  2. Hey...no more referencing Pronger!

    reality check