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That statement feels like it should be accompanied by metal horns.

Uh, anyway... the 41-year-old facemaker known as Ed Belfour signed a one-year-deal with Florida today, thereby booshing Lakehead boy Alex Auld into shared duties for the backstopping position.

We'll predict that Mike Keenan will be afflicted with buyer's remorse by the two month mark. Just a hunch.

(Credit to Wardo for sending us the awesome photo.)

4 responses to "The Eagle lives!"

  1. I just can't get enough of these Belfour photos. I love this guy!

    (you know it's slow when this signing merits a blog update)



  2. Hey, I think that if he's intended as a back up goal tender and as long as he accepts he's a back up, then the trade was probably a good move.

    Given the salary he accepted, you got to think that Eddie has conceded that his best days are behind him. This is assuming he is humble in his old age and that he is lending the benefit of his experience to other goal tenders in the organization. The old Belfour may have been known for his arrogance but to stay in the NHL for a few more years, he'll have to swallow quite a bit of pride. As long as he does so though, I don't think a mistake was made on Florida's part. Auld has some serious potential.



  3. Hopefully you are right

    Our boy Auld can have some sweet pictures on the net of him acting like an ahole


  4. Good luck Eddie, appreciated all you did for the Leafs, you were great and we had some good times!!!!!