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It's one thing to be displeased with the moves your new GM has made in free agency. But how to do you justify replacing him with Garth freaking Snow?

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    reality check

  2. Looks like Neil Smith wouldn't kiss ass! The insecure duo of Nolan and the incompetant Milbury needed a puppet to ensure their jobs with Wang. Just like JFJ in T.O., Tannanbaum and Peddie who are hockey clueless, pull the strings. Milbury and Wang are close like two fingers on a hand, and this sideshow will run until ownership changes. We ain't seen the last, especially with Nolan in the mix. By Christmas Nolan will be gone due to the team being in disarray, Snow will be behind the bench, and Milbury will be back in control of all the chaos.

    I know Garth from his days as the Aces goalie, and he's quite a fruitloop. He's got so many sides to him, he's round! This should be a treat to watch unless you're a die hard Islanders fan...is that an oxymoron?

    I can't hardly wait to hear Nolan bawl again, "I was let go because I'm different", he'll surely say.

    reality check

  3. The class act that is and always Pat Lafontaine has just removed himself from the chaos as well. What a mess!

    reality check

  4. Interesting has he managed

    For a while Jaques Martin, an amateur goalie, was a half decent coach, perhaps a former goalie might in fact be a good GM.

    Still has he any experience at all


  5. But Martin worked his way up, starting in the minors, then as an assistant coach, before getting a shot at the big time. Only 2 others players went from the rink to GM, Savard and Clarke. I get the feeling the master plan on the island is to wreck the franshise, tank it deep into the standings, grab a handful of top draft picks, sell the team for big bucks or move it to a better market.

    Hey the imcompetance veil worked for Marcel Aubut and the Nordiques. They worked their asses off to get 3 straight #1 picks. It was a caper worthy of a Hollywood script.

    reality check

  6. I heard this morning that Smith told Nolan to hire some EXPERIENCED Asst. coaches so that Nolan would have some good people to lean on.

    I guess he hired his boy's from Moncton.

    Remind you of a certin Red & White football team a few years back, under Matt(where does that accent come from, and why does it come and go) Dunigan

    It just seems that when guys that are successful in the bussiness world they have no mind when it comes to sports

    They have made a mess and it will take more than a mop and pail to clean this up.

    Until Wang is out they are screwed


  7. Reality check, your conspiracy theory about Islanders is interesting. Never thought of it that way.

    Erin, I liked your latest Sun Article about "Hometown Advantage". Islanders should have kept Peca and dumped Yash but mabye there were no buyers?

    Ricky, ...