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The Chara piece and interview that appeared in today's Sun left me with mixed feelings. I believe Zdeno when he says that he wanted to stay, but obviously there's the question of not taking the alleged $6 million paycheque which was offered by the Senators.

I'm torn about the entire event after reading the interview, and there's no way to fully shut down an argument one way or the other, because I can see both sides, with so much of it being speculative.

Other stuff...

I spoke with Fred Brathwaite today, who was recently signed by the Thrashers after spending the last two years with Ak-Bars Kazan. Freddie has been waiting for his chance to make it back into the NHL, and knew that so many teams would be looking for goaltenders after July 1st. There were other teams interested in him (two Western conference and one Eastern), but Atlanta maintained the most interest. Brathwaite sounded really upbeat and ready to challenge Johan Hedberg for the No. 2 position with the team. The interview will appear in its entirety in this Sunday's column.

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  1. Don't bet against Freddie. Never seen him fail when faced with a big challenge and that goes back to the Memorial Cup he won in Oshawa coming in off the bench. You heard it here first....Freddie will take the #2 spot and Hedberg will be gone by november.


  2. The article really sits on the fence - Chara never had to answer any tough questions in the interview that cleared much up. The revelation that he chose Boston over other teams because it immediately places him in a leadership context was as insightful as it got.

    I would have point blank asked him if the 20% was worth sacrificing his pursuit of the Cup. Would he have tiptoed around that with the same ease he showed on the Chiarelli question?

    I also would have liked to know why he chose not to pursue a deal with the Sens leading up to July 1. If a player really is intent on remaining with a team - management hears it loud and clear. The lack of effort on both ends is mystifying. The article and interview raises more questions than it answers.

    reality check

  3. When Zdeno got here he was paid a million per. He left worth almost eight a season. Zdeno doesn't say why he left but makes a point to say that seven teams thought he was worth more. The truth is seven teams could afford to pay more as they didn't have as much salary cap room used up. None of the teams named of those 7 match Ottawa for talent. Once the Bruins spend up to their cap, he'll look around to see the team isn't as stacked as this years Sens.

    daisy bomb

  4. Whoa, whadaabout me! Doesn't anybody want me! If this keeps up I'll be signing with Schtrudelhaevan of the Switzerland Elite Beer League. Hey..that don't sound so bad after all!

    Eddie thefuckin' Eagle Belfour

  5. Hey All

    Here in C-Town as you know we just signed Tanguay and Friesen.

    While I can truly say Tanguay is going to be great. I feel that Friesen is a grinder, he scored all of 4 goals last year. We don't need another 4 goal scorer. We have tons of those bums.

    We still have yet to fill first line centre spot, which has been missing since the stupidity of trading Craig Conroy (more than 4 goals). Sutter was on the radio spewing his garbage again about how versitile Freisen is and he CAN play centre. Well I CAN play centre to, it doesn't mean that I you should put me there.

    Granted, for you Friesen fans I know he has had forty goal seasons and yes they were under Sutter, but this winger playing centre crap is not going to fly with me

    After this rant, you may think I hate the Flames living in Calgary, but I don't. What I do is not believe in the Sutter way of thinking or coaching, he play's to not lose he doesn't play to win.
    "We have to be responsible in uor own end first"
    "we can't score so we better not let them "

    He's been fired before and he will be fired again.

    On a TBAY note: Colombus is short one Tbay boy. 2 years not good enough


  6. C,mon Nana, lighten up on Sutter. Since he took over the Flames, he has transformed the team, even taking it to a win away from the Cup. If instant replay had a roll back clause, he would have a Stanley Cup ring.

    Friesen is a heck of an addition, he has just experienced an off year, coming off the lockout and being traded. He brings alot of speed to the team. Considering he cost no players, it's a bonus. It is also an upgrade in talent for the team having just lost Shean Donovan. Thought he never scored forty goals as you stated, he did get 31 under Sutter in 1997-98 and has been around the the 20 mark consistantly. Playing for the coach who gotten the most success out of him should be motivational.

    Their #1 priority is still finding that first line center. Trouble is they are not crawling the streets. Tanguay may find it hard to adjust under such conditions - he's gotten used to playing with Joe Sakic.

    As far as Sutter's coaching philosophy goes, he has to coach the team he has, not the one he wishes he did. They do not have an abundance of offensive talent to go free wheeling. In fact, if you look at the great Oilers, Islanders, or Canadiens teams that had firepower to spare, they still had to become defensively responsible before they won championships.

    Sutter is coaching the game the way it ought to be played. It may at times become dreadfully boring to watch, but it works. Just ask New Jersey!

    reality check

  7. Reailty Check

    I hear what you are saying but if you have to listen to sports radio in Calgary listening to how he is the second coming of GOD, everyday you would get a little sick and tired of him.

    As for him coaching the team he was given. That's crap. he has had three years. If you don't have a scorer go get one or two you have to give up something but that's the way of the world.

    If he is the messiah the hockey world and Calgary claim him to be, he could easily fish himself out another Mikka, couldn't he?

    On the radio all last year all I heard from him was
    "we need more out of the people we have"
    Darrel Sutter

    WOW there's a revelation.
    Signed the sky is blue.

    Don't you think my Boss want's more out of me? Well he needs to motivate me just like Sutter needs to motivate his trops

    Your the coach and GM, get more out of them, isn't that your job?
    You don't need to teach them to skate do you?

    What are you doing in practice? Oh yeah working on your power play... Iginla to Phaneuf shot blocked repeat repeat throw shot by Regier in there every fifth power play.

    Phaneuf he is awesome to watch live, his shot is unbeliveable

    Now, where is this centre going to come from?
    I have the answer Omaha.
    Eric Nystrom, you know Bobby's kid
    He skates like the wind has the skills, but not the chance wait and see........

    He is a winger but he is already in the system but you can do allot more with him.


  8. Cynic,

    Anything with all the goalie jobs out there about

    Felix "the cat" Potvin?
    Arters "The Latvin Lover" Irbe


  9. Jesus, I certainly don't need a sports radio to help me form an opinion on a player! These sports talk shows are just there to create a buzz or a controversy all the while selling advertising. Whether their opinions are correct or not is irrelevant at the end of the day.

    Friesen is a good aquisition and he adds depth at forward. He's capable of contributing 20+ goals and playing on the top 2 lines.

    Were you a Flames fan before Sutter arrived? Do you remember incompetance? There were 10 lean years before Sutter arrived that were miserable. Just because the guy can't pluck a first rate center from another team is no reason to dump on him. As a coach in San Jose he improved the team something like 5 seasons in a row. He knows what he's doing.

    He stole Kiprusoff from the Sharks and has now robbed the Avs of Tanguay - Sutter has a pretty good trade and drafting resume. GM's are careful when dealing with Sutter. They don't want to get fleeced. When trying to deal for a guy who'll get 80 to 100 pts, you have to give up quality in return.

    Who is expendable on the Flames right now who would fetch that in a one for one deal. Teams are wary of making deals where they take on more than a player unless it's draft picks. Smart GM's don't trade their high picks unless they are getting an assured value. Cap room is a big issue in trade talks these days.

    Get used to Sutters ways, he's gonna be there a while!

    reality check

  10. Take it to the message board, ladies. That's what it's there for.

    The Universal Cynic

  11. Ladies?

    reality check