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Question of the day: Which Michael Peca will the Leafs receive? The integral puzzle piece or the frustrating disappointment? Keep in mind that Peca hasn't scored more than 60 points since 2001-02. The leadership and faceoff ability are fantastic, however, it's safe to say this isn't the man to rely upon to bag the points. And you need those points to win the games that'll get you to the playoffs -- the playoffs where Mike Peca has the potential to shine.


5 responses to "Perception vs. reality"

  1. The Leafs stunk in GAA average last year - Peca's defense will help that. Also, he's a 55% faceoff man, which means he'll be the guy taking critical draws at the end of games.

    He has a proven track record of leadership, something sorely lacking on the Leafs.

    For the above qualities alone, it makes his contract a good one. (I'm still surprised Ottawa didn't make a play for him).

    The playoffs - the Leafs might not make it to the post season to realize the quality of their investment.


  2. Is there going to be alot of tension in the dressing room?

    Will it boil over onto the ice?

    I know they are all grow men, but there has been some bad blood.

    Can the boy's put it on the shelf and play "as a team".


  3. The Leafs signed both the important piece and the disappointment. They are too watered down to call any piece of the puzzle integral. He'll have his good nights, but the league and the Northeast speed are steps ahead of him. Leadership stops working when you can't back it up. Peca will play his best hockey of year for the Leafs when their playoff hopes are on the line - somewhere around January 20th. He'll be trade deadline fodder after that.

    reality check

  4. Peca,wants to play for a team he's always wanted to play with and being from the Toronto area wants to be closer to family and friends. I came from Toronto 27 years ago to Edmonton and I have never regretted a day. The greatest city in Western Canada that has the greatest fans and NHL team in the league, As I said before , Edmonton's not for everyone, you either love or hate it here with not too much grey area in between. Too bad we could not keep some of the great ones who never wanted to leave Edmonton.
    As for Peca, he and other team mates were a let down over the regular season and I felt bad for Oiler fans who paid for season tickets. Leafs have one of the great forward defensive players in the NHL with Pec, The leafs will enjoy this advantage.

    Scrubs & Shines

  5. Score or not, he seemed to be kind of handy during the Oilers run to the cup.

    Sadly, they will probably get the guy who "quietly" helped Edmonton there. The last thing we Sens fans need is for the Leaf's to get this kind of player, which means of course I think the Leafs were smart to dump Lindros and pick up
    a guy who has performed rather than talk loudly.