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Rock that spin, Detroit.

Perhaps you heard Detroit television personality Ken Daniels on the Team 1200 this aft, discussing the Red Wings' decision to sign Dominik Hasek (and his towel) to a one-year-deal.

Daniels claims (and I'm paraphrasing) that the Wings had a strong interest in Martin Gerber. However, when the Sens snagged the Swiss backstopper, Detroit was left in a bind due to salary cap restraints. Also, in spite of their desire for Gerber, there was "lingering doubt" regarding "playoff capability", and they had been "burned recently in that respect" (see: Manny Legace). That's where the decision to pick up Hasek arose from.

A nice little jab there, from someone who appears to think (or is telling himself) that Detroit scooped up and rescued Hasek from under Muckler's nose, after Mucks thieved their original choice. Strangely enough, the last time I checked, major injuries fell under the banner of "playoff capability".

Just remember, it's all slings and arrows until someone tears a groin muscle.

9 responses to "Slings and arrows"

  1. I didn't hear this discussion, no.

    But what exactly did this Daniels guy say that suggested he felt Detroit somehow stole Hasek? At best, Hasek is the best spare part remaining on the scrap heap.

    As for the slings and arrows stuff, what else would he say? "The Wings wanted Gerber, but couldn't afford him, and were getting desperate about this whole goaltender situation, what with Legace having been booted to the curb, and best trade-option Biron probably remaining in Buffalo as leverage for the Sabres until Miller is given a contract. Detroit needed a warm body, and found one in the bony frame of Dominik-Exploding-Groin-Hasek. Nice job, morons."


  2. There was no discussion of Ottawa and Hasek, but it was interesting how the conversation from very "pro-Gerber" to blatantly pointing out a lack of playoff experience, and explaining that's what Detroit was looking for in a goalie.

    I got the impression from Daniels that Detroit believes Ottawa let Hasek go, but will have regrets should Dom excel in the postseason. Like a 42-year-old diamond in the rough that Muckler haphazardly left behind for the Red Wings to scoop up and rescue.

    That, my friends, is called SPIN.

    The Universal Cynic

  3. I didn't say it was going to work, but that isn't going to stop the spin. What do you want Detroit to do, RC? Admit they were wrong right off the bat? Mensas.

    P.S. Your TGOR-esque lexicon chews it. Feel free to lose it anytime.

    The Universal Cynic

  4. Burn!

    (I had to look up TGOR on acronym finder. Guess that makes me a mensa.)


  5. I laughed.

    Yeah, I'm pretty miserable tonight (mostly because the prep work for this week's column is a hassle -- more on that later). In all seriousness, I really despise any type of low-brow language (with the exception of cursing, but I also prefer to keep that to a minimum on here). I could go the Gestapo route and delete it, or I could let RC have it. Obviously I chose the latter. Perhaps next time I won't. Who knows?

    There are so many more interesting ways to articulate yourself -- why take the lame route?

    The Universal Cynic

  6. First of all, Ken Daniels is a blathering idiot that exudes homerism from every pore...I was extremely happy to see him and the CBC part ways a few years ago.
    If you get a chance to hear him and Mickey Redmond do a Wings love in, check it out for a period...sort of like a science experiment, you will learn just how bad a play by play guy he is and how the Wings can do no wrong in his eyes.
    The comments made aren't out of line for Daniels at all...I'm just surprised there wasn't a picture of him wearing Dom's jock over his head during the interview.

    Secondly, neither goaltender is that good for different reasons.
    Hasek will never finish the regular season, that's given and Holland will be shopping the at the deadline.
    To give daniels a grain of credit almost makes me sick, but Gerber's playoff performance is an issue, albeit a small one.
    the Sens wanted to go with a younger player this time but the younger goalies (28-34) that are playoff tested are under contract , so damned if you do and damned if you don't.
    Hopefully for Ottawa fans it works out, but they have a habit of eating their own after a couple of sub par outings, and Gerber was felled with that this past season.


  7. What if you monitor his play and only have him play half the season and have Osgood play the rest like a 42 - 40 split or something to the effect.

    Much like the hometown boy Auld and the Eagle in Florida

    I know he will be hurt sometime, so that will let Osgood get some good work in and save Hasek for the Playoffs?

    I'm not sure what they are thinking but it seems like an otion.

    They also are not spending a load of money on him so it's not that bad


  8. Hmmm, first your post sounds
    dead on.

    Daniels is right if he thinks Ottawa will have regrets if Hassek does well. That said, given the risks, we probably made the right descision, win or lose.

    As a fan, I wish Hassek well of course. Naturally I hope to see the Gerber that shut out team Canada rather than the one who lost his start last year in the play offs.


  9. BTW

    When they talk about hockey, I like TGOR. Get annoyed when they "flirt" (yuck) with female callers, especially when I'm listening with female friends.