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Re: Chara and Peter Chiarelli:

"It was Melnyk, Senators president Roy Mlakar and Muckler who insisted that if Chiarelli was going to go to Boston, he shouldn't be allowed to participate in the free-agent period because he was well aware of Ottawa's plans.

However, when Chiarelli interviewed for the Bruins' job in May, he presented Boston with a detailed proposal, which included a list of the players he wanted to bring back, the free agents he wanted to chase and what his plan would be going into September."

In short, Chiarelli wasn't allowed anywhere near free-agency talks, nor was he allowed to express his opinion on Ottawa players to any mediator.

But you can't tell me that interview couldn't have provided enough time to tell the Boston brass what it would take to get Chara in his "detailed proposal" -- that money was a sticking point, but also that Z likely had sore feelings from the way the sign and trade was handled with fellow Slovak, Marian Hossa (Chara himself requested a no-trade clause in his new deal). He knew what would be necessary to placate and convince the big man that Boston would be an ideal fit. Give Boston the info before the hire, and let them do the legwork that Chiarelli couldn't, due to a conflict of interest.

What a way to make a first impression, right?

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  1. It reeks and deserves a very detailed going over by Bettman and the league. I smell a rat! It is almost exactly what the Sens brass were weary of and trying to prevent when Chiarelli was lured. How else could the Bruins have gobbled Chara up so quickly? They ought to complain long and loud about this. If Bettman is on top of this league as he claims to be, he should announce an inquiry within a matter of days. Think about it! With a supposed interim GM in place at present would Boston be making such future plans and financial commitments without Gordon and Chiarelli touching base? Even a blind man could see the conflict of interest!

    Sens fans ought to pelt the turncoat money grabbing bastard with pennies every time time he leaves the ice, the rink, the local hotels. Songs such as "Money (That's What I Want) by the Beatles, Pink Floyd's "Money" and ACDC's "Moneytalks" should blare from the SBP's speakers every time he steps on for a shift when the Bruins visit. Print bogus "Chararelli Dollars" with both their faces on it with "Czech Please" written all over it. A red stamped "Approved by Gary Bettman" across it would be justified!

    This is setting up to prove the NHL is still a bush league. What would Stern or Tagliabu do?

    reality check

  2. It stinks for Ottawa fans, but what did the Senators think would happen? It was they who insisted on the bizarre terms of Chiarelli's termination. My guess is Melnyk was the office-Nazi behind this crackpot have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too scheme, but we'll never know.

    If Chiarelli was so important to the Senators, they should have either refused to allow him to interview with Boston, or cut him loose right after the hire. Everybody knew this deal was playing with fire.

    RC, your suggestion to label Chara a turncoat is absurd. He took a higher contract in Boston? Ooh, the outrage. It happens every day. Chara accepted 25% more money (Ottawa reportedly offered Chara $6 million) to play in a comparable organization on the East coast, and is an Original-6 franchise to boot. Don't tell me you'd walk away from the same situation, because you wouldn't. People walk away for raises a lot less astronomical all the time. The window of opportunity for some players to make the big bucks can be small, so they have to take it while they can. Who knows, Chara might pull a Kevin Hatcher and be washed up by the end of his contract.

    Also, loyalty goes both ways. The moment Chara had a bad playoff against Buffalo, the fans turned on him. Just like they always do. Just ask Lalime, Alfredsson, and a lineup of other guys who face the boo-birds the SECOND they don't produce.

    The only thing bush about all this is your ridiculous idea to pelt Chara, who played some incredible hockey in Ottawa, with pennies when he comes to Ottawa or print some kind of gimmicky Monopoly money. Oh yeah, that's class.

    I don't care what Stern would do. After seeing the refereeing fiasco of the NBA playoffs, I have a lot less respect for him.



  3. A, just because I didn't acknowledge it doesn't mean that I don't agree with you -- the Sens messed this whole Chiarelli-Boston affair up, big time. But it's important to remember that the NHL didn't stop it from going down -- they only expressed displeasure. Bettman should have wielded what little power he has, and stopped this exchange dead in its tracks, loophole or not. And as for these rules that Chiarelli was supposed to follow, who was monitoring that? No conversations with the new employers? Who's making sure that he didn't talk to them all this time, or does fall under the category of the honour code, preceeded by a pinkie swear?

    The Universal Cynic

  4. E - you're right, the NHL did nothing.

    It was bizarre all-around, and looks bad from all angles. Well, except Boston. Hockey fans in Beantown must be pretty happy today.

    As for the honour code - why do UFA's always sign so quickly right after the deadline passes? There has to be behind-the-scenes talking going on - think most teams violate the pinkie-swear stuff to some degree.



  5. From Steve Simmons' article today:

    "If I'm John Muckler, I'd offer $750,000 US to see if Tie Domi wants to play one final year with Ottawa and try to win a Stanley Cup."

    ...and that's why Simmons is not a GM.


  6. --RC, I feel as jilted as you do and your suggestions of treatment for Chara are hollarious.None of it can seriously happen but picturing it is a treat.

    --Chara always struck me as a player who didn't really give a crap win or lose and he is now way overpaid.The Sens made him what he is to a point.He became good due to the surroundings and only cares about the money.To some money justifies everything.He won't be as missed as some think.

    --As far as how he does with Boston will depend on how he is surrounded. They are thin on D and it will show.

    daisy bomb

  7. Hold on Daisy Bomb...I'm no Sens fan, I'm just procrusteanating on the side of integrity. My feelings on Chara and the deal have been made pretty clear. My suggestions for a red carpet treatment upon his return were merely a mock rant I unabashedly stole from a Sens fan friend of mine who's actually quite happy to see him gone. I have a higher opinion of Chara than he does but he pulled off this skit and had me ROTF. It was way too funny not post it here and see the reaction it got.

    Poor Wardo - you got yourself worked up over it - I didn't expect that! I admire the passion you poured out in the response. To answer your suggestion that I would also take the big bucks and run is to not know me well.

    Admittedly, as you stated, the majority would opt for more. Once were talking ridiculous cash above 5M a year I'd look for the team with best chance of winning it all. When talking of a million and change difference in salary at this point, who cares, I'd want the CUP! Being it's an Original Six might mean something to you and me, but I wonder if Chara can even name them!

    Class is a whole other subject. Anybody wanna go there?

    reality check

  8. Regardless of whether you were being facetious RC, I wouldn't be questioning Chara's intelligence. He speaks five languages, and is an articulate and well-educated person.

    The Universal Cynic

  9. Hell, I wasn't Qing his smarts, just that players of Euro origin may not be all that interesting in NHL history. My point being that he has no sentimental attachment to anything having to do with the O-6. Why would it matter to him? It can't mean the same as it does to us. I could be wrong about him, and I'd happy if I was. I love seeing a Euro with a great sense of history added to their passion. I started watching the game in 1968..I just missed that era.

    BTW- Who was your favorite team before Ottawa was invented?

    reality check

  10. Oh..and one more thing! On the matter of the Sens messing up the whole Chiarelli situation, I don't believe it's Ottawa who messed up. Sounds like they knew exactly what they were trying to prevent. The conditions set up for it were hazy grey areas. The terms set up for a situation such as this should be pretty cut and dry.

    When a prospective GM leaves an organization he should be barred from signing any type of FA from the previous organization until the start of the next season, pure and simple. There are tampering restrictions and this falls in the scope of that category.

    If this rule had been in place the Bruins would have known when hiring Chiarelli that all Sens FA's were off limits. The onus is on the league to clarify rather than make up the rules as it goes along.

    reality check

  11. I think you are the best writer ever!

    I wish I was half the writer you were.

    Sources say you are a great writer.

    I have to go now, Pronger wants a piece of my ass and not in a Shawsank way beeeeaaaatch!!!

    Love Boo Boo


  12. I was just a kid during the Oilers' dynasty, and my mother, being a wise woman, decided to raise a bandwagon jumper as opposed to a brainwashed lunatic that HNIC likes to breed with their first game of the doubleheader. So that's how I first became an Oilers fan. My friend and I used to play hockey in his basement with those little white plastic souvenir sticks. He was always Mike Vernon, and I was always Grant Fuhr (the first, and only time I've impersonated a black man). To be fair, my mother loved any team that Gretzky played for -- she had a chance run-in with him when he was a child, and described him as being quite the little snot-nosed bastard...but she loved him anyway. She utterly despised the Leafs, so that's where I get it from.

    Then, during the early '90's, Thunder Bay switched from being a Duluth, MN television affiliate, to Detroit feed. I went from UMD Bulldogs hockey to learning about Devil's Night. I also got an excess amount of Red Wings hockey, and they became my team of choice. This was during the Bob Probert, Tim Cheveldae, Dino Ciccarelli et al period when they were on the cusp, but couldn't quite pull it off. Needless to say, it gave me a good base preparation for Ottawa's current foibles...until 1997, of course.

    The Universal Cynic

  13. When I was 9 Dad took me to see the Quebec Ramparts play the Royals, who would go onto win their first Memorial Cup that year, 1971. It was my first game ever! All the talk surrounded the Ramparts #4. He was going to be the top pick in the draft. For the first 30 minutes of the game he did squat and people around seemed to be mocking him for some odd reason. Royals were leading 5-1 when he scored on a slapshot I barely saw late in the 2nd period. My seat was directly behind the net. He added 4 more in the third and Quebec won 6-5. This was my introduction to Guy Lafleur!

    I was consumed with Bobby Orr at the time, but knowing Montreal were going to be choosing Lafleur in the draft, I started rooting for the Habs.

    It was quite a year. A surprise Stanley Cup, a Memorial Cup, and Lafleur to top it off!

    Hardly anyone since could compare to Lafleur, not even that "snot nosed little bastard" from Brantford. Gretzky was better, Lafleur was more exciting. The closest anyone has come to his game was Bure or Ovechkin.

    Guy could score from anywhere but could pass as smooth as silk. Nothing can match the sight of that hair flying behind him soon as he took off with the puck. The entire Forum stood up when he had the puck and sat down if he lost it - still the funniest thing I've ever seen in sports.

    reality check