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(Aside -- this is the most amusing magazine cover I've seen in a while.)

This upcoming Sunday will be my 100th column. (Yes I know, a hundred too many.) Anyway, I was thinking of doing something different for it. Maybe a list format, maybe something else? I know I'll definitely try and do a list on the blog of things I've learned/encountered in the past two years.

So what do you guys think?

5 responses to "100th column"

  1. How about worst one hundred moments in Ottawa Senators history....

    The hiring of Dave Allison, The battle of Ontarios, pretty much any game seven, Randy Sexton, Stans Neckar, Mel Bridgman, the Paladium, 1995-96, 2005-06....you can find all sorts of lowlight material people might get a kick out of...


  2. Worst Senator moments? That sounds like a stupid idea to me. Why would Erin want to commemorate a personal milestone with a laundry list of unhappy memories?

    Since 650 words is too short for a complete list of things you learned/experienced, why even attempt one? The problem is, you'd be forced to edit some material that you'd rather keep.

    If you're willing to do something different - and this is only a suggestion - I'd enjoy reading a more personal column. Bring yourself into the writing, instead of the usual observations of the Universal Cynic. And instead of a collage of memories, focus on one thing, one image. Like, how about the moment you knew in your heart you wanted to be a sportswriter? The "lightning bolt" moment where you knew your destiny? Or maybe your first big professional success? Or maybe a description of your favourite professional moment (not necessarily a success), one of those, "I still remember the stupid shirt I was wearing, it was the yellow tee I received during frosh week for a charity car wash." You could easily weave in the necessary sports content into the story.

    I just know that for me, the best reporting I have ever read is the kind that usually includes a more personal flair. Shouldn't a milestone story have an element of, "look Ma, no hands" to it?



  3. Anonymous, wouldn't a random "Go Leafs!" been so much more effective, not to mention, succinct?

    Back to the column.

    The Universal Cynic

  4. How about saying something nice for a change, instead of always being, well, a cynic?


  5. "Something nice"? Thanks for doing your research, neophyte. Next time, don't show your ignorance.

    The Universal Cynic