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You're wondering what happened to the 100th column, right?

Well, when news came out that the father of Pretty Boy Jesse Palmer was willing to pay Horn Chen $100,000 for the rights to the Rough Riders' name and logo, I pretty much snapped. Bill Palmer, if you'll remember, is part of the U.S. investment group that's looking to bring back football to Ottawa. And being the glutton for punishment that Palmer is, he thinks that traditional sentiment and pop culture mockery are more important than wiping the slate clean.

The Citizen reported that Chen will be selling the "R" logo, along with the name. But I don't see how he couldn't throw in the Lanny McDonald emblem as a freebie. I mean, if you're going to bugger things up right from the get-go, you might as well make it somewhat amusing.

5 responses to "It's Lanny McDonald's fault"

  1. I actually was wondering about this.

    "Hmm. Interesting choice for her 100th column," I thought, sipping my dark-roast coffee as I wiggled my toes inside my plush, Homer Simpson slippers. "I had no idea the CFL meant so much to Erin."

    I noticed a similar article in the Star today as well, panning the entire thing. I am in agreement: it's dumb!

    Who knew the name would be worth 100,000 big ones, though.



  2. Wardo, do you have the giant Homer head slippers? I love those.

    I saw the piece in the Star. Strangely enough, I prefer my own work. Who would've thought?

    The Universal Cynic

  3. Yes, I have the giant Homer heads that look like they are eating my feet.

    I feel like an arena mascot with those things on!


  4. Hey Easy on Lanny,
    he has been reduced to giving Radio promo's for Eastside Dodge in Calgary

    It's funny Jim Peplinski doesn't even use him for his car dealership ads

    I hope that the CFL goes back to Ottawa it just seems better to have 9 or even 10 teams



  5. While you are at it,... I have hoped they would bring back the RHI. How much is the Ottawa Loggers logo and image worth?