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Week 10 Plummer stats: 20 for 31, 210 yards. 2 TD, 3 INT, QB rating of 66.0.

Analysis: We were going to give Jake credit for the one quarter that he decided to show up by displaying him online, googling for lesbian porn. But the dude shouldn't be giving us a heart attack while playing the lowly Raiders. With that being said, there was not much choice in which way were going this week.

Looks like Jake's prepping for a night out by doing some last minute shopping. Damn, this is really beginning to explain a lot. At least it appears that Plummer won't be requiring Plan B in the morning. And hey, look -- Elway's made another unexpected appearance. We'll be luring Barbaro back to the car dealership with an apple and oats as soon as we're done here.

Next week: San Diego at home. The Chargers are The Drivers' team, which should lead to some decent smack around here during the lead-up. The Bengals buggered with Bum's Son's defense yesterday, so we're expecting SD to be bitter, in spite of the victory.

P.S. Thanks to JB for helping us obtain this week's props.

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3 responses to "Dress Up Jake: Week 10"

  1. Always happy to help out and make a contribution. Didn't see that one coming though!!


  2. It's still the funniest pick-up line ever. Best one I've ever gotten, anyways -- even if it was unintentional.

    The Universal Cynic

  3. Not a bad ice-breaker...i should try it more often...