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I hope he's ready for the unprecedented storm he's about to enter.

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that Emery's comeback has the potential to be more nerve-wracking than the playoffs last year. Think about it: In '05-06, Ray had a chance to get his feet wet with the team, right from the Olympic break -- 14 of his 23 wins came during that period. And in spite his playoff performance, expectations were low because he was a rookie (not named Cam Ward).

This time, everyone's expecting him to be the saviour, because they know what he's capable of. Even now, he's still third in GAA (1.86) and first in save percentages (.939). We've gone from pleasant surprises to set expectations. And every time Gerber gives up the ghost, the pressure will mount on the injured sophomore to dig the team out of its hole.

7 responses to "It's a shame about Ray"

  1. Yeah, but this is like one of those universe-destroying paradoxes. If Muckler allows Emery to play, then he's basically admitting that signing Gerber was a mistake, and 3.7 million bucks will be holding the bench down.

    And that's when Melnkyk will explode in the Barbados somewhere.



  2. Murray was already allowing Emery to split the duties with Gerber before he got injured. Isn't that the same thing?

    The Universal Cynic

  3. I don't know if Murray was so much allowing Emery to split duties as feeling like he had to go back to Gerber even after he crapped the bed every game.

    What happened to this guy? This has Russian mafia written all over it, never mind that Gerber's swiss.

    Boy, is that a lot of cap room to be giving up for the next 3 years. Regardless who gets the starts the rest of the way this season, unless Gerber gets some semblance of his game back, this team's in trouble long term. As in, goodbye even more vital free agents, we gotta pay our backup so we can't. Pay. You.

    And I for one don't buy the "He's been good, the team's been bad" thing. The team's been bad...but Gerber's been broo-tal. 3rd star tonight? Were the guys in the booth trying to cheer him up? He looks laughably shaky in there, and even when he does make a stop he looks like he's not going to be able to get up.

    I seem to remember another ex-Sens goalie who could make the occasional spectacular save but had a weakness for softies at bad moments. La..la-something. Yes, I went there.

    I'm done venting now.


  4. You can argue over semantics until you're blue in the face, but the fact remains that this team NEVER had a No. 1 goaltender this year. It was made blatantly evident, right out of training camp. Gerber is NOT that guy.

    I agree to a degree that Murray was going back to Gerber to save face (after all, he was "anointed" as the No. 1 'tender by the contract he received), but I think everyone is underestimating how much playing time Emery was going to get -- and it was made clear as early as September.

    1a and 1b: They won't admit it, but it's the truth. And when one goes down while the other is mired in a slump, you have the mess that the Sens currently find themselves in.

    The Universal Cynic

  5. I thought as well they kept going back to Gerber, basically because of how big his contract was. A platoon situation made no sense at all...they were trying to let Gerber work himself into shape. They began the season with the idea to let Gerber play most of the games...and after, what, 2, 3 games? That's when they decided, well, better give Gerber some "rest" and switch them off until Gerber finds his game.

    In my mind, that's the only way the 1A 1B thing makes sense.

    I don't believe Muckler got Gerber thinking this would be the situation he'd be getting. He chased the best (in his mind) FA goalie he could get, and paid him #1 money. He wanted an end to the troubles in net that have always been Ottawa's biggest hangup. He just thought Gerber was that guy, based on his play last season.

    If he wanted the 1A, B thing, why not go for a "lesser" free agent goalie like Legace or something then?


  6. Maybe they should be looking to bring in the other half of the double chocolate connection? Pipe dream.....TUC knows what I'm talkin' about...


  7. Emery > Jesus