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The New England Patriots are once again favored to win a Super Bowl.

So, what else is new? Are you going to tell me that Pats quarterback Tom Brady is married to some hot supermodel and that head coach Bill Belichick is still donning the grey hoodie?


Well, to no one’s surprise, the NFL super bowl picks provided by BetUs and their odds makers are expecting the Pats to win it all again.

If you haven’t been keeping track, the Patriots have already won three of the last nine Super Bowls and came about one play from winning a fourth. Needless to say, they have been the most dominant team over the last decade and even though it’s tough for dynasties to exist in the NFL (given the salary cap and revenue sharing), the Patriots have been about as close to it as you can come.

This year, it didn’t look like they’d be in contention when they started the season with a young defense and a so-so offense. Then they traded away potential Hall of Fame wide receiver, Randy Moss, and they have only gotten better.

And if you’re wondering how the golden boy is doing, Brady is having another ho-hum year. And by “ho-hum”, I mean he’s only thrown for 29 touchdowns versus four interceptions, and is among the leading candidates to win the Most Valuable Player award.

When you factor in that the Patriots already have the best record in their conference and have three easy contests left, they should be able to lock up home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. When you add it all up, it’s pretty understandable why they are favored to win Super Bowl 45.

The season might be winding down but it likes like Brady, Belichick and company are just winding up for another patented run.

(Ed. Note: The preceding post was provided by BETUS.com)

Blind Items: Repairing the Senators edition

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh my, Ottawa - this is the stuff of your worst nightmares. A well-known hockey name has been broadcasting to others that the Senators GM position is his "dream job", and he's just biding his time until he gets a proper crack at it. But why wouldn't he want to be in the city he's more associated with? That's easy - they hate him there. Now I didn't say he's in the running...just that he wants it something bad. And that's creepy enough to think about, isn't it?

And I hate to be the bearer of more bad news, but one of the names being whispered as a replacement to Cory Clouston won't leave you jumping for joy. That said, if he comes, the Senators will sell him as a winner - they just won't mention how long ago it happened.

More later.

Your Ottawa Senators: A Bloody Mess

Thursday, December 09, 2010

As if the Ottawa Senators needed to find new ways to embarrass themselves -- get ready, because here comes "Flickgate."

You are probably aware that Matt Carkner is not my favourite player on the team. But personal dislike has nothing to do with this. As the video shows, Carkner wipes his forehead post-scrap, and flicks his fingers as he skates by the Rangers bench.

Whether it was sweat, blood or a combination of both, it really doesn't matter. This is vile, disrespectful and undisciplined behaviour, and I sincerely hope the league cracks down. Furthermore, Matt Carkner needs to cease with the ridiculous excuses, man up and apologize. Immediately.

Your question of the day

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Via Twitter, from super blogger, The 6th Sens:

"Is this how The Driver feels being a Chargers fan? Want (the) team to lose (so ownership has no choice but to) gut the braintrust?"

In a word, yes. He doesn't want his team to lose, per se, but he knows it's the only way to get things to change. Plus he's totally sick of looking at the slouchy knee-high stocking around Norv's neck. It's the exact same thing with the Senators - he's felt that way for three years, and is pleased that people are, as he says, "catching up."

P.S.: In case you missed it, Torontoist has the transcription of Don Cherry's introduction of newly appointed Toronto mayor Rob Ford in all its hideous glory. Did you know that when Cherry was nominated for CBC's "The Greatest Canadian", Bret Hart was his celebrity advocate? Bret wore pink in the then-WWF with the Hart Foundation! Now we're through the looking glass, people!