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Oh my, Ottawa - this is the stuff of your worst nightmares. A well-known hockey name has been broadcasting to others that the Senators GM position is his "dream job", and he's just biding his time until he gets a proper crack at it. But why wouldn't he want to be in the city he's more associated with? That's easy - they hate him there. Now I didn't say he's in the running...just that he wants it something bad. And that's creepy enough to think about, isn't it?

And I hate to be the bearer of more bad news, but one of the names being whispered as a replacement to Cory Clouston won't leave you jumping for joy. That said, if he comes, the Senators will sell him as a winner - they just won't mention how long ago it happened.

More later.

7 responses to "Blind Items: Repairing the Senators edition"

  1. What a f'n cocktease this post is..


    GM- John Ferguson Jr
    Coach- Pat Quinn

    LOL.. now THAT is the worst case scenario for any team.. but thats how you sold it on your post


  2. Broadcasting? How could it be anyone other than Mad Mike for GM, given how much they love him in New York and Boston?

    And the "winning" coach would have to be Hitchcock, Hartley, or Keenan.


  3. Pierre McGuire?
    Bob Hartley or Larry Robinson?


  4. Please don't let it be Pierre McGuire and Mike Keenan!

    Now Mad Mike would be an interesting choice... He did pull the trigger one of the best trades for Ottawa in Sens history...


  5. Serious question for you:

    In a discussion of potential NHL GMs, or Ottawa GMs in particular, is there one female person whose name will be mentioned, or ought to be mentioned?


  6. Darrell,

    I don't think the Senators are at the point where they need to make Bibi or Spezza's mom GM/Assistant GM to stop them from bolting and making the team (even more) red-faced and stopping Alfie and Jason from bolting.

    Merry Christmas all!


  7. Dear lord, when will the endless fellatio of Bryan Murray from local radio media end?

    Is no one in this town capable, or at least willing, to say enough and enough where this guy is concerned.

    Thank goodness for Erin and bloggers in general.