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Which bottom-feeding team has begun a pro-active search for a new goaltender? Said team's GM was recently accosted by a committee of disgruntled players. One, a former New York Ranger, went so far as to recommend a friend and previous teammate. His new GM must have been impressed by the pitch, because they have since contacted the goaltender's agent, and are interested in making a deal.


1) It's an Eastern conference team;

2) The goaltender in question has only played in the Western conference;

3) It's not Ottawa...although there are numerous Ottawa connections.

8 responses to "Blind item"

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  2. There aren't any former Rangers on the Sens.

    Nedved or McCarthy and the Flyers?


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  4. It's not the Flyers.

    The Universal Cynic

  5. My Guess is that the teams name and the goalies last name both start with the same letter.....


  6. What, no double chocolate references from the wingman? I'm highly disappointed. Seriously dude, I nearly died when I read that.

    The Universal Cynic

  7. Savard, the Bruins, and Giguere?


  8. Which team?

    Gosh no idea?

    Ottawa connection.

    Ottawa crashed and burned today.