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Just something to chew on...

There was a time when the Senators were capable of taking their foot off the gas after securing a 2-3 goal lead. After said lead was obtained, the team went into a defensive-mode shutdown -- one of the signature moves of Jacques Martin's repertoire. It wasn't exciting, but more often than not, it was effective in the regular season.

Currently, the team seems content to secure a lead, without further planning that will ensure a victory.

Whose handiwork is this? The team's? Bryan Murray's?

And another thing...

I am so sick and tired of Martin Gerber's wounded baby bird act. Who is he going to challenge when he's so far back in the cage? Dude looks small enough as it is, and he goes down on his knees faster than a San Fernando Valley model/waitress/actress. Feel free to come out and face the music, Martin -- everyone else has to.

P.S. Don't assume that this is a veiled request for the return of Jacques Martin, although I do miss his Maison D'Or commercials.

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