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Current results from the Sun's latest sports poll:

Who is your favourite NHL play-by-play TV voice?

Jim Hughson 28%
Gord Miller 31%
Bob Cole 22%
Chris Cuthbert 20%

P.S. Before you say anything, this is less about who has the most votes, and more about who has the least votes.

5 responses to "What the hell's wrong with you people?"

  1. Cuthbert is far and away the very best of the bunch. Not even close. What a joke!


  2. The question was who is your favorite. Not, who do you get to hear the most! Cuthbert is the red headed step child of broadcasting!


  3. That list ( in my mind) should go....

    Cuthbert 75 %
    Hughson 16%
    Miller 7%
    Cole 2%

    and the person that voted Coley likely mis-hit with their mouse


  4. While I respect him as a broadcaster, I find Cuthbert's voice too grating.

    We still joke about how he used to practically scream the name "Ed Jovanovski" during Vancouver games, saying the name in an ever-rising crescendo that reached ear-splitting levels. Two more syllables in that name and maybe only dogs would be able to hear him.

    He's much better in interviews and other settings of that type where the excitement level is moderate, his voice doesn't get too shrill, and his knowledge and experience can add real value.


  5. Hey, Cynic

    Since we had to grow up listening to Bob Cole and Harry Neal all of our young and impressional years..
    (thank's TO or Toronto Broadcasting Corpoation)

    I would like a refund of all tax dolars paid to that JOKE by Christmas please.

    I think my favorite of all time is Howie Meeker.

    Jim Hughson always bring back memories fo the World Juniors so he is my pick.

    RRRRRRRRRRRaddic Divorak

    Ii would like you to kick Bob Mackenzie in his giant dome, he's off my Christmas and on my egg your car list.