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After Martin Gerber's fifth allowed goal...

"Well, it's official: Martin Gerber is struggling. And if you're a Martin Gerber fan, or a member of the Ottawa Senators, you're going to have to get used to it. Martin Gerber is still the man. And there used to be a time when four goals was enough for a win. Well, now...maybe it needs to be five or six."

Did you hear that? It's the sound of my head exploding.

What goaltender in this league -- let alone one that is being paid 3.7 million dollars per year, for the next three years -- needs a SIX GOAL BUFFER to ensure a win?

Let me be clear: I have never been a Gerber fan, but I have grudgingly accepted the signing over time. However, watching some Swiss dude with alligator arms do his best Patrick Lalime impression during a slump, is more than I can bear. Seriously -- does the guy have any elbows? I'd love to see him reach for change in his pockets with those things.

And another thing -- on the pregame show, they were discussing Gerber and his tendency to retreat back into the net (as I did on Monday). The round table suggested that when the team played badly, Gerber was less likely to come out and challenge players. I happen to think it's the other way around. The team has shown that they play with less confidence in front of Gerber for some time. When they see him cowering like that, it will never instill any bravado in an over-sensitive team.

P.S. Remember...don't panic!

2 responses to "Gord Wilson: Master Apologist"

  1. Don't panic Sens Fans. It's only the worst losing streak in over 10 years! Nothing to be concerned about. A few more games and we are only one quarter of the way through the season.

    Gerber has been scary bad. I realize he's Swiss but that doesn't give him a free pass to do his best impressions of swiss cheese while tending net! Is it just me or are pucks going right through him?

    As for Gord's comments......give your head a shake Gordie. 6 goals? are you kidding me? Do they need to score 6 goals or give him a 6 goals cushion? What a joke. And we don't need to get use to it either. There are many other goalies capable of catching a puck that comes right at their catching glove. The object isn't to try and trap the puck in between your arm and your body!


  2. Damian Rhodes isn't coming through that door! Craig Billington isn't coming through that door!
    Ron Tugnutt isn't coming through that door!