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One of the things we like to do when we're bored is head over to the iTunes store and explore the celebrity playlists. Maybe it's just me, but I think there's something kind of revealing about checking out a person's iPod selections. Anyway, a while back we noticed that the listings are pretty varied in regards to famous people -- in fact, there are several NHL players displayed. Here's Andrew Ference's list:

1) Waltz No. 2 -- Elliott Smith
2) Ooh La La -- Goldfrapp
3) American Jesus -- Bad Religion
4) Barroom Hero -- Dropkick Murphys
5) I Want -- Face To Face
6) Drunken Lullaby -- Flogging Molly
7) I Don't Wanna Hear It -- Minor Threat
8) We Are One -- The Offspring
9) Bro Hymn -- Pennywise
10) (But Then) She Spoke -- The Vandals
11) Ring Of Fire -- Johnny Cash
12) Traffic -- Tiesto
13) Thieves -- Ministry
14) Links 2 3 4 -- Rammstein

Comments for Tracks 3 and 9 respectively: "If I have to choose only one song from my favourite back, this is it. BR is the absolute best!" "I try to sneak this one on before the game in the room...if I do, automatic win!"

I can't justify the Rammstein, but the rest of that list definitely doesn't suck. Like I said, we like him now.

Here's Cam Ward's list:

1) Where The Streets Have No Name -- U2
2) Fix You -- Coldplay
3) Move Along -- The All-American Rejects
4) Everlong -- Foo Fighters
5) Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out) -- Arcade Fire
6) The Rising -- Bruce Springsteen
7) Galvanize -- The Chemical Brothers
8) The Hand That Feeds -- Nine Inch Nails

And here's Eric Staal's:

1) Alcohol -- Brad Paisley
2) Mud On The Tires -- Brad Paisley
3) Better Life -- Keith Urban
4) Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me -- Keith Urban
5) Fishin' In The Dark -- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
6) I'm In A Hurry (And I Don't Know Why) -- Alabama
7) Hurt -- Johnny Cash
8) Dust On The Bottle -- David Lee Murphy
9) Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On -- Neil McCoy
10) Days Go By -- Keith Urban
11) Jeans On -- Keith Urban

We'll allow The Driver to take over at this point:

"'Fishin' In The Dark?' That's so Thunder Bay." (He then proceeded to sing it for the rest of the evening. Just for future reference -- being forced to listen to that song qualifies as a murder defense, right? I'm thinking we need to start a list for that around here. Much thanks to Eric Staal for acting as the catalyst of my misery on that night, by the way.)

More miscellaneous music bits...

· Big time golf claps to the Anaheim Ducks for coming correct and recognizing the usage of Pennywise's sacred song, Bro Hymn. I talked to Pennywise's Fletcher Dragge about the use of their song in NHL arenas during the band's visit to Ottawa in October. You can read it here. For the record, Ottawa is one of a number of franchises currently playing the song at home games.

· The Dropkick Murphys are getting some run from the strangest of sources -- the NCAA tournament. Their song, I'm Shipping Up To Boston has been heard several times as a bump leading into commercials. The song has most recently been featured on The Departed soundtrack, and for promotions for NBC's The Black Donnellys. If you want to hear a clip, go here and scroll down to sample No. 7.

P.S. I saw the band peform this song live last fall, which included a dozen local Highland dancers on stage. Very cool.