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From the "They Said It So It Must Be True" category (regarding PPV):

"(Roy) Mlakar said the Senators get last choice of the games to show, but will try and spread the games out over the schedule a little better next year."

After all, it's easy to see why all networks would lack total interest in games versus Detroit, Pittsburgh and Toronto. There's absolutely no interest or potentially positive ratings for them to garner at all.


Reader Mike writes in: "Listened to the interview and one thing that Stevenson didn't mention that JR followed with a question somewhat calling Mlakar on the BS, asking if he really thought that no one would pick up the Leafs game. Mlakar actually admitted that they specifically requested the Leafs and Wings games this year and that they weren't leftovers. Although they didn't follow up on it any more, at least JR called him on it for a moment.

Don't know if you heard the interview, but Mlakar also mentioned:

- the number of games will likely increase to somewhere between the
current number and the number offered by Vancouver

- there are plans for HD, but it likely won't be next year"

No, I didn't hear the interview, so thanks to Mike for that.

Just to confirm, there are 17 Canucks games on PPV this year -- $159.95 (!) for all, and $11.95 individually. They also receive a 30 minute pre-game show.

Just a query -- does anyone honestly think the idea of future PPVs in HD is plausible? I'm not saying personally that I don't want it, and I know there's a market it for it, but seriously...could it ever happen? Is this a feeble attempt to placate the disappointed masses with a carrot that'll perpetually be dangled just out of reach?