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Gord Wilson eats up the dirt on Sens' coach Bryan Murray, during a between-periods interview on tonight's PPV

Yet another uneven offering from the Sens' pay-per-view department tonight, with little made in the way of visible improvement since their first attempt. Most aggravating (yet again) was the overall quality of the broadcast feed itself. It actually reminded me of the old UMD Bulldogs closed-circuit hockey feeds that I used to watch from Duluth, Minnesota in the early '80's. I also had some signal issues with my feed (I'm a Rogers customer) and other readers with Rogers service were also confirming signal glitches.

But before I receive any binary-encoded vitriol from the parties involved*, I think we should go to the email. That's right -- don't blame me...blame my readers. All names have been included to incriminate the truculent and impertinent.

"Since when did the A-Channel become pay-per-view?" - Josh

"This signal looks like hell. Please tell me more people are complaining about this." - Trevor

"I don't think it's too much to ask that they get the camera off the Leafs fan giving the finger." - Michelle

"Please...I'm begging you...go to commercial." - Gary

"Here's the thing about pay-per-view. If you're going to not take breaks, the personalities running the show have got to be entertaining/engaging/informative. Dean and Gord aren't those guys. The non-stop cheesy crap is too much to bear." - Pat

"Do you think Barbara Walters ever ate soup on camera during an interview?" - Dorothy

"If we pay for this can we vote to not have Gord Wilson?" - Josh

"'All aboard the A-Train, folks, all aboard'. I actually screamed when (Gord) Wilson dropped that bomb." - Ann

"How do the Senators spin this broadcast as being commercial free? There were two scrolls during the game of all the bars and restaurants that had bought the PPV and a list of all the movie houses. Total BS, not to mention that the scroll was totally distracting and bush league." - Michael

"Bottom line...if I'm paying more I expect more. I'm debating giving them another chance, but is this honestly going to get better? My instincts say no." - Tim

But don't worry guys, it's not all bad. I'll personally give you credit for the post-game locker room camera. Nice touch.

Tonight's broadcast grade: C

Overall PPV grade thus far: C-.

Next PPV game: Tuesday, March 13th.


* One must understand something: If you're going to make an attempt to join the media (and for lack of a better term, that's what this is, as the Sens are producing their own broadcast), you have to be willing to accept the criticism that comes with it -- especially when customers are hardly enthralled with your choice of concept.