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Hey Pittsburgh fans -- great news about those playoffs, and undoubtedly everyone, including the NHL, wants to see you in a matchup that'll draw huge ratings. Do you have a problem with my opinion?

Undoubtedly so.

Just to be clear about the posts...

Gets it:

I got a different take out of the article.

It seems to me that the NHL would love to see the Penguins play the Blueshirts in the first round. Versus and NBC would be, let's say, favorably disposed to showcasing Crosby & Company against the team from the preeminent television market in the world.

Ottawa could play the Devils, and the 1 million people in the Ottawa region would care passionately, and the 5,000 or so Devils fans might care a little bit.

Traditional big market teams such as Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia are not going to the playoffs. NBC doesn't like that.


This ****** me off.

Our team goes through a painful rebuilding process, we go through a horrible 2005-2006 year full of misery and heart break, we nearly loose our team, then we get the new arena, our team make a dramatic playoff push and makes it for the first time since 2001. All we do now as fans is support the team and sell out the building AND NOW the league is showing FAVORITISM? ... there is no doubt Crosby is the face of the NHL but I don't think they are fixing the playoffs for us and showing a bias. We are just enjoying our success and its been a great story. I don't see how that makes us the NHL's pet.

If anything we tend to get picked on by a-holes like the guy who wrote this article.

Best In Show:

I just feel that article is ridiculous. He may have somewhat of a point but what it comes down to is the guy is probably just some jealous habs fan.

Not only am I repeatedly referred to as a dude*, but I'm also a fan of Les Habitants? Damn, that's a lot to take on in one day. Does this mean I can begin to repeatedly curse in French? As I've stated before, the only phrase I'm able to utter with sincerity is, "Go f*ck yourself with a handful of thumbtacks."


* Love it. Want to know why? Read this.