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...which means it's time for another PPV.

Once more (and we wish we could put this 72-point, boldface font):

For the majority of begrudging viewers who are putting up with these broadcasts, it's not about the frills (i.e. the between-periods interviews, or pre-game rituals that we'd normally never see). It's about the broadcast quality itself. The game, and only the game. I don't know how I, or anyone else, can make that any more clear. The quality of the broadcast is subpar, and the price point ($10.95) only exacerbates that fact.

I'm inviting you to send your thoughts on the game to me again -- I'll post them on here later tonight. (Email address can be found in the profile.)

P.S. I've heard (and read) some suggestions from people to not buy the PPV altogether. Due to my position, that is not an option for me -- I have to see the games. That's why I won't let this issue drop.