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A few questions to answer here regarding Thursday's PPV post, so let's get to it.

Q -- Do you have proof of the Leafs fan giving the alleged finger?
A -- You tell me. Check out what appears to be the man's daughter attempting to keep her father in check. Funny.

Q -- Where are you getting these photos of the broadcast from?
A -- I record the games via PVR, pause the PVR on something noteworthy, whip out my digital camera, and the results end up on the blog. Some will look better than others, and that largely has to do with the quality of the broadcast feed (hint, hint).

Q -- When Rob Brodie referenced your blog and wrote that you had included the printable comments, what did that mean? What didn't you include?
A -- That actually had to do with an email conversation I had with Brodie before that post was made. I mentioned to him that I had received feedback from the readers about the PPV, and that the printable comments were to appear on my blog. What didn't I include? Anything mean-spirited or lascivious, but a lot of it centred around the "suspicious questions" -- as one reader put it -- sent to Dean and Gord via email during the game. One query in particular, really rankled a lot of readers. I can't remember the exact wording, but to paraphrase -- it first complimented D & G on their ability to criticize the team, and then asked if they dealt with any negative attitudes from the team because of it. Obviously an unbelievable amount of irony comes into play here, considering that the duo are notoriously known for handling the Senators with kid gloves.

Q -- What were you doing watching the game at home on PPV when you have a seat in the press box?
A -- The Driver and I have a long-standing policy of not attending Leafs-Sens games. The crowd's multiple personality disorder puts both of us in a horrible mood. In addition, I wanted to see if any improvements had been made to the overall quality of the PPV broadcast, and wanted to do so without having to sit through 5 hours of hockey.

(Aside -- why did it take Sens fans this long to realize that they should be booing Mats Sundin in retaliation for the Leafs fans treatment of Daniel Alfredsson? Talk about taking the scenic route to one's cerebral cortex.)

More later...and once again, golf claps to the Sun's Rob Brodie for his mention of TUC on Remote Control.