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Boo Boo, keen never to disappoint, goes yard in his determination to be recognized as first on the case, even when it's being shot down by larger media and GMs. From Bruce Garrioch's column, published early this morning:

"While Senators GM Bryan Murray vehemently denied it, ESPN.com reported the club had completed a three-way deal — first reported by Sun Media — that would see centre Patrick Marleau go from the Sharks to the Kings, while forwards Alexander Frolov and Jarret Stoll would go from Los Angeles to Ottawa and Heatley wind up in San Jose."

For the record, John Buccigross took quite a bit on the blogs and Twitter last night by claiming that the three-way deal was done (Patrick Marleau to the Kings, Heatley to the Sharks and Jarret Stoll and Alexander Frolov to the Sens).

Don't get me wrong, if this trade somehow becomes reality, I'll be the first to give both men credit. (I guess I should probably congratulate Garrioch first, otherwise he might get pissed.) But when the most reputable of people spent the majority of last night denying the rumour, would you really want to get out there right now and proudly insist that you were the first to be incorrect?

More later.

3 responses to "Sun Media: "Hey, we were wrong first!""

  1. I caught sight of the cover of "Le Droit" this morning. Headline (translated from french): "Dany Heately Traded to Sharks".

    How's that for accuracy in reporting?


  2. Great another floater who scores even less..and a checking center who has offensive 'upside'...wait don't we already have one of..ah never mind


  3. Well looks like its the deal first bandied about sans Ehrhoff..Michalek, Cheechoo and a second round pick. Meh..