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According to Leclaire's comments in the Citizen, there's no real rhyme or reason to the design -- it's just a play on his former mask in Columbus.

To the front:

Now to the side (I feel like Tony Kornheiser, leading you through the Penguin Dance):

And an obstructed view of the striped (NOT barberpole) pads. Get the hell outta the way, Jared Cowen!

I think I'm ambivalent towards the mask -- I'm getting a woodgrain/alternate Bingo logo/James Hetfield vibe off of it. I don't know if I dig it, but ultimately I don't find it particularly weird or lame. I was concerned when I initially read about the pads -- people kept mentioning "barberpole", and that was a horrible visual. Thankfully, the stripes do run vertically and not horizontally. Again, different, but not entirely sold.

Granted, the point is moot when it comes to his overall play, but what do you want? We've still got a month to go. Deal with it.

More later.

3 responses to "Pascal Leclaire breaks out his new regalia"

  1. Very nice. Plus, I'm glad to see the ogre from Fraggle Rock getting work in the side of Leclaire helmet.


  2. Ha...that's a pretty good call.

    The Universal Cynic

  3. I'm quite fond of the 'O' shield the soldier is carrying. Very nice.

    Ronald Servant