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(Alternate title: TUC: The No. 1 Sens-related choice for monster T.O. blogs)

Two interviews, courtesy of A View From the Cheap Seats. The subjects are a couple of my favourites: Down Goes Brown and Pension Plan Puppets. The interviews are an interesting read, and they both referenced yours truly. This automatically means I can no longer kick them in the shins on initial glance -- I have to now buy them each a beer first (oh, and obviously, reciprocate on the pimping).

The interview with Down Goes Brown is here, and PPP's is located here.

P.S.: Credit to CapsChick for conducting these questionnaires. They've been great so far.

1 response to "Your weekend reading"

  1. Glad you've enjoyed them :)

    Hey, if you feel the urge to tackle a ridiculously long questionnaire (and tie the score, Leafs Bloggers 2 - Sens Bloggers 2), please feel free - would love to see what you come up with!

    ...oh, and I think pre-beer-buying shin-kicking is still allowed. I approve, at least.