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* Hey, Peter Regin -- welcome to your latest shot with the Ottawa Senators! Everyone seems to believe that we have significant scoring depth, and we're happy to keep up that facade for as long as possible! Only problem is, we still don't have a real No. 2 centre, even though we pay Mike Fisher to serve as one! So if you'll do us a favour and slip into that role, we'd really appreciate it! Oh, one more thing -- we're going to put No. 12 on your wing in the hopes that it will light a fire under his ass from an offensive perspective! We hope you don't mind carrying that albatross around with you! But hey, you helped him get a hat trick in the pre-season! Let's just hope he didn't blow his load for the year! Wow, that was gauche of me to say! Sorry about that! Enjoy your stay in the capital, and take care of that pretty face of yours!

* So, Ilya Zubov doesn't want to go to Bingo, eh? Wow. I'm. So. Shocked. What did I tell you about this kid? Shades of freaking Kaigorodov, that's what. And just like the White Knight, many Sens fans had Zubov penciled in on the big team for several years, and it never came to pass. Why? It's because the kid's got no drive, and his conditioning is (expletive). It really is unfortunate, because there is some talent there. However, if he's just going to ask like a lazy (and whiny) arse, he can bugger off. It should be amusing to watch the Brothers Murray attempt to get something for him.


* Oh yeah, and the others: The German Ginge? Called it (hardly difficult). Babyface Lee? Expected it. Accept it, Ottawa: He is not going to be your top offensive defenceman. (Sincerely, Marcus Allen -- CBS Sports.) Now I get to sit around and watch them torch Karlsson, I suppose? Ack. That being said, I really have been loving the dynamic between Erik and Alfie. It's like Crosby and Lemieux with less a-hole vibe, and more lingonberries.

More later.

2 responses to "Your mid-week mini-Deglaze"

  1. Even more amusing will be their attempts to peddle Chris Neil. I suppose someone looking to add some depth for the playoffs might flip us a 5th round pick for him at the deadline, but let's be clear - Neil is nearing the end of the line. He simply doesn't skate well enough to be an NHL regular anymore, and Milan Lucic just demonstrated that he is no longer an NHL heavyweight.

    I am a little more optimistic about Fisher than you are, though. Sure, he had a tough year last year, but he is skating really well in camp, and looks determined to make up for it. There's no questioning Fisher's toughness and battle level, and his skating is outstanding. He might be good for 20-25 goals, which along with everything else he contributes would be pretty good.

    My question is about Karlsson. I am really nervous about burning a year of his rookie deal if in fact he isn't ready to play regular minutes.

    Dennis Prouse

  2. Dennis - in defense of Neil, please recognize that Lucic (a potential Canadian Olympian...in 2014) had just severed one of Neil's testicles at the faceoff before cutting him open around his eye. We'd all have a tough time throwing punches while wondering if your coin purse is in one piece. It was a great fight - please don't judge it simply based on Neil being bloody.

    As for Zubov, good riddance. And let that be a lesson to all the ridiculous fans that pencil in half of the Binghamton lineup to be Ottawa starters in two years. There are far more Denis Hamels down there than we'd like to believe. If we can have Karlsson, Regin, and Carkner play the whole year in Ottawa (and they won't), then having three rookies has to be seen as a smashing success. Let's take the opportunity to lower our expectations of the minor league system a bit. Peace out, Ilya. Give our best to Kaigorodov, Nikulin, and Yashin when your inevitable journey takes you to the Motherland.