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Courtesy of Icethetics (for the record, a freaking great site), comes still photos of the Binghamton Senators' new sweaters. According to the post, the B-Sens will still be using their primary cartoonish logo and the ...uh...creepy old man will be used as an alternate (as opposed to the black "B", which is for pre-season use).

A separate pre-season jersey? Seriously?

No word yet on which sweaters the team will be sporting when they make a roadie up to Ottawa in November. Personally, I'm hoping they don't use any of the jerseys shown - that logo freaks me out.

(Ed. Note: Major credit to Icethetics for posting this prior to tonight's unveiling. Again, if you haven't checked out their site, I highly recommend it.)

1 response to "Bingo's new jerseys: Ow, my eyes..."

  1. What is it with the Sens organization?? First Fraggle Rock centurions on Leclaire's mask, then an Aladdin-esque villian on the jerseys in Bingo?? Did Disney buy the Senators??