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You'd think with so much in the NHL coming down to the wire, fans would be caught up in potential playoff races -- not so in Vancouver, at least, not tonight apparently. There's speculation that Vancouver fans are chomping at the bit to let D Jack Johnson have it during this evening's matchup vs. the Kings.

The reason? Johnson was the one that laid an elbow to the face of Canada's Steve Downie during the 2006 World Junior Championships, which took place in Vancouver. The belief is that a lot of bitterness remains towards L.A.'s new rookie out west.


Now don't get me wrong -- I'm not condoning cracks to the face with an elbow joint, but aren't we reaching a bit much? Sure, this is the scene of the crime (for lack of a better phrase), but what other connections are there? Downie isn't a Canucks prospect -- he was drafted by the Flyers (2005 -- 29th overall). I also don't think it's a stretch to say that Downie is hardly the most sympathetic of figures. Personally, my support for Team Canada's Junior Team has cooled considerably since his arrival, and I know of many others with a staunch dislike of Downie, despite their support for Team Canada.

If this is the way Vancouver fans feel, obviously there isn't anything that can be done. I just find it pointless to remain bitter over an event with players that they have no connection to, with the exception of the city where said incident occurred.