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Yet another ratings list from ESPN.com -- this one coming via Page 2. It's the Pain and Suffering list -- a compilation of teams from the MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL that lists the teams that have inflicted the most misery upon their fans. Here's the formula:

[(Seasons in playoffs) + (losing seasons) + (non-playoff seasons) + (finals losses) + (finals losses in past 25 years) + (Soul-sucking moments) + (seasons without a title)] - [(winning seasons) + (playoff seasons)]


seasons without a title

For the record, neither the Sens nor Leafs made the list, but teams like the Flyers, Sabres, Canucks and Kings did (as well as others). Check it out -- it's worth a look for the heads alone, and you can bet your ass you'll be seeing some of those around here in the future.